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Some comparisons of Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9

by Edwin Liu | March 05, 2015 19:50 PM
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In 2015, a slew of smart phones are set to be launched at MWC, and among of them, the most iconic brands of Android are Samsung Galaxy S 6, Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge and HTC One M9. Here I list the main difference of these three unlisted android phones on Specifications for you to help have a clear idea of them before the listing.

The Size, Thickness and Weight:

As shown in the figure, there is no much difference among them on body size and the margin of error is 2-3mm.But in the thickness, there is a sensible difference between Samsung and HTC - the Samsung Galaxy S 6 (Edge) is 26% thinner than the HTC One M 8. HTC One M 8 is lower than Samsung S 6 in whether in thickness or weight, HTC M 9 outweighed Samsung S 6 by 14%-19%.

The Material (cover), Material (side) and Color:

Samsung Galaxy S 6/S6 Edge says good bye to plastic and use Corelle gorilla 4 glass screens, while HTC still uses the aluminum metal material. As for the material of the side of the body, the three are all used the aluminum metal material. In terms of color, each of them comes in four colors: Samsung Galaxy S 6/S6 Edge (black, white, gold and blue) and HTC One M 8 (gun metal, silver gold and pink).

The Navigation buttons and Resolution:

Samsung S 6 uses its home physical button like its predecessors, while HTC One M 8 virtual navigation button, and with the help of Android system’s Immersive mode, it can easily achieve full screen use! In the screen resolution, Samsung Galaxy S crushs HTC One M 8, Samsung’s Quad HD resolution more sharp, the pixel density is higher. The screen resolution of  Samsung Galaxy S is 2560x1440 while HTC One M 8 is 1920x1080.

The FPG, Battery capacity, power saving mode and Fast charging techniques:

Samsung Galaxy S supports Fingerprint recognition technology and all of them has power saving mode. The battery capacity of these three model of android phone respectively are 2550mAh(s6), 2600mAh(s6 edge) and 2840mAh(Htc m). Power saving mode enables the phone has a much longer battery life in the low power time. In addition, the support of   rapid charging technology can let phone get more power in the shortest possible time.

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