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Convert any PDF file to iWork Pages on Mac OS X With Ease(Mavericks included)

by Edwin Liu | March 1, 2014 10:58 AM
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“Yesterday somehow i lost my an important Pages document, but fortunately i scanned a copy of it using my Epson Stylus NX415 before. Now I just want to find a tool to convert my scanned PDF to iWork Pages document and ensure it can be are editable and changeable on my iOS devices. Is there a third-party software help me do the PDF to iWork Pages conversion? If there is , please give me some suggestion. Thanks! ” – Jerry

As for the problem you mentioned, actually i would say there exists two ways to solve your problem. In view of the fact that you lose the document in less than 24 hours, why not find a Data recovery software to help you recover the lost iWork Pages document? Data recovery experts say “as long as the data are not overwritten, the lost data can be restored completely!” Try to restore your Pages document via Recuva, it is a well-received free Data recovery tool and will work great for your Page document recovery.

Of course, there exist the second way that is just like what you thought to solve the problem, go and find a third-party software to do the PDF to iWork Pages conversion. But unfortunately there exists few software that can finish the PDF to iWork Pages conversion directly. As iWork Pages supports the Word document and the word document can be editable and changeable smoothly by iWork Pages, why will not we convert PDF to Word for iWork Pages?

Try Wondershare PDF Converter Pro For Mac do the work, this Mac-based PDF converter’s built-in cutting-edge OCR technology allows you to turn your scanned PDF into word document with retaining the original format and layout, nearly the same with your original iWork Pages document. Furthermore, it also works great on converting the native PDF (common PDF) , restricted PDF (Password-Protected PDF) to Excel, PPT, Text and images etc. Learn more details of Wondershare PDF Converter Pro For Mac here.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Convert PDF to Word Document on Mac

Step1: Download, install and run Wondershare PDF Converter Pro onto your Mac. Do not care about the system version of your Mac because it supports any Mac OS X, even for the latest OS X Mavericks.

Step 2: Drag and drop your PDF to this program without minding the volume of your PDF file. (Generally the volume of scanned PDF is larger than a common PDF).

Note: More than 50 PDF file can be loaded into it for each time and Source file will be imported successfully in a minute.

Step 3: Click “Page Range” to select page(s) or page range(s) of the PDF file to convert and click “Format” to set the output format as “Word Document (.docx)s”.

Step 4: Start the conversion work by hitting the big “Convert” button at the lower right corner. Generally a 100-page PDF file will be finished in less than a minute. Once finished, import the word document with iWord Pages to edit it freely, or you can create a new Pages document, copy and paste all the contents of the word to the new Pages document and save it. That’s all!

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