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The Factors that can affect the quality of mobile phone pictures

by Edwin Liu | May 06, 2015 02:00 AM
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The quality of mobile phone photos is a popular thing to say, and in our daily life, “XX pixels” is the most common word of publicity for mobile phone sales. When we want to buy a new phone, most of us think that the higher pixel, the better quality of the photos, but the facts say otherwise as there exists other factors that can affect the quality of mobile phone photos like photosensitive element, lens... Read on to have a clear understand of the factors affecting imaging quality.

Generally, for two phones with the same pixels, the one which has larger sensor will have better photo quality, that’s why the quality of photo taken by 20 million pixels full frame digital SLR is better than the card camera or mobile phone with the same pixels. In short, high pixel do not represent good effect, unless it reaches a certain magnitude. Now that the pixel is not the key to photo quality, the high pixel on mobile phone will achieve litter? Not really!

For example, let’s make a comparison the photo taken by iPhone 6 (1/2 inch sensor with 8 million pixels) with the photo taken by Samsung Galaxy S6 (1/1.9 inch sensor with 16 million pixel), when the image is enlarged to 100% by us, the photo details of iPhone 6 is much better than Samsung Galaxy S 6. Of course, if you just view your photos on the mobile phone, 8 million pixels and 16 million pixels make little difference. In addition, lens aperture, optical anti shake and imaging software are also the key to the quality of photo, keeping reading and I will tell you…

Here I will go over an example that demonstrates lens aperture, optical anti shake and imaging software are also the key to the quality of photo! It is not difficult to find that almost all the latest smartphones (like Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4) are equipped with an aperture lens and high pixel photosensitive element, these are all used to improve the quality of mobile phone picture. Besides, better Image processing software and optical anti shake function are also key to influence the quality of mobile phone camera. Below I provide you with a worked example to the contrary!

Although HTC One M9 abandoned the low pixel UltraPixel camera and use 20 million pixels back illuminated sensor, because of the lack of optical anti shake function, it just brings a tiny improvement in performance of photo. In simple terms, if you want to buy a better camera phone, you cannot simply judge from the pixel or a parameter, the most important is the comprehensive quality of mobile phone. If possible, learn more details of the phone’s imaging sensor, the size, the number of pixels, the lens aperture value and some other functions before placing an order. That’s all!