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How to Make Movies with the Windows-based Windows Movie Maker

by Edwin Liu | December 1, 2014 19:12 PM
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Windows Movie Maker is a wonderful video editing software. With it, you can easily create an excellent homemade movie with a bunch of photos and video clips and audio. Also you can make a commercial ad video with it. If you are very familiar with this program, the video you create will be of the professional level. This video editing software is very easy to use. You can trim the video, add music and photos and then with only one click you can add theme to the created movie. You can be a movie director to make movies you like with Windows Movie Maker. You know what's better? It is totally free.

Note: Windows Movie Maker is built in Windows Vista and Windows XP. If you have Windows 7 or 8 have to download the Movie Maker to your computer for using. Then how to edit or create videos with Windows Movie Maker? (We'll take Movie Maker in Windows 7 as an example.)

1: Import photos and video clips to this software. First, you should drive Movie Maker and then under Home tab, simply click Add videos and photos and then select those video clips you need to import to the software for editing and hit on Open button and then those selected items will be load in a second. You can also add photos to it to create a slideshow as you like. You also can add both the pictures and video clips up if you prefer.

2: Mix the video clips or photos in the order you prefer. After adding some video clips or pictures in the Movie Maker, you can change their orders by simply drag and drop them in the timeline. Then you can rearrange them in a perfect playback order according to your idea.

3: Trim the video length. If you think the beginning part or the ending part of the video is not necessary, you can cut them off easily. All you need to do is click Edit tab, find Trim tool and hit on it. Then under the display window, move the two square sliders on the slide bar to set the new star and end of the movie. At last, hit on the Save and close button to save the changes.

If you want to delete the undesired part in the middle of the video, you can move the slider on the slide bar to the beginning of the part you want to delete and hit the Split button also under the Edit tab and then move the slider to the end of the part you want to delete and hit Split. Then on the timeline, you move the cursor to the middle part you have split and right click on it and hit Remove button to remove the unwanted part from the video.

4. Add a soundtrack or music to the video. You can create a narration by recording your own voice after click the Record narration button. But you should make sure that a microphone is attached. You also can simply add music to the video. You just need to click the Add music button. Other options in this software will let you do more change of the movie you are creating, like adding titles, adding credits, etc. You can figure out how to use them your self.

5. Save the video. After finishing all the editing, you can click the drop-down menu Save movie and choose one way to save the video. Then the conversion will start, and wait for a while until it is done. Finally, you just created a movie yourself. However, this freeware only support MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, etc. it can't support the DVD format. If you want to import and edit DVD in Windows Movie Maker, you can use this DVD converter to convert DVD to MP4 that is supported by Movie Maker. It also can convert DVD to WebM, AVI, and other popular format.

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