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How to Add Intros and Credits to Videos

by Edwin Liu | October 28, 2013 9:23 AM
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When watching movies, we often see introductions and credits at the beginning and the the end of them. The introductions can explain the main idea and the background of the movie or video. And the credits can show you thanks to the audiences, or display something else important. The intro/credit always can help you express your idea of the video more exactly. So if you want to make a high quality video, the intro/credits are indispensable.

However, many people don’t know how to add intros and credits to videos. Actually, it is a very easy job. You only need a video editing software which has such features. Maybe lots of people are not so familiar with the program, so today I will provide you a very good-to -use video editor, Wondershare Video Editor. You can easily add intros and credits to your videos with it. Now just follow the below steps to have a try, I’m sure you will like it!

  1. Directly download Wondershare Video Editor here. Install an drive it on your PC.
  2. Import and add your video to Timeline. Click Import button to load your video, or directly drag it to the program. After that, drag and drop it to the Video track.
  3. Add Intro and Credit to your video.
    • 1). Hit on the Intro/Credit tab. Now you can choose your favorite intro/credit from the panel, then drag them to the beginning and the end of the video in the Video track to apply.
    • 2). Now you can edit the words on the intro/credit. Hit on the Text tab, choose a template and drag it to the Timeline. Then double click the “T” letter in the Text track which is just below the intro/credit. Now the text edit panel will open. You can type any words to express your idea, and select font, color, animation,etc. Some preset styles are also offered to you. After finished all the editings, click Return to go back to the primary window.

      Note: You are allowed to preview the intro and credit by clicking the Play button. And when editing text, you can adjust the position by moving the red line frame.
  4. Export your edited video. Click the Created button to enter the Output window. Here you can choose an output format for your video, and save it to anywhere you like such as popular hand devices, computer hard drives, DVD disc, or directly share it on YouTube and Facebook. After that, click the bottom Create icon and within a few minutes it will be OK!