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Detail Guide to Make a Backup of Windows 7 without accident

by Edwin Liu | November 11, 2014 16:04 AM
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If you are the one who, for whatever reason, wants to make a backup of your Windows 7 simply and safely for free. Well then, you've come to the right place. However, before doing the backup job, I suggest you that you had better take some time to read this article and get familiar with the backup steps as once you start, that means you take the risk to crash the system mistakenly. All right, so let's shut up about that. Below I will do the backup job for you!

Step 1:

Open the control panel from the start menu, then find and click "Backup and Restore" icon in the control panel.

Step 2:

Looks left and lock "Create a system image". Hit it to select a location that you want to save the backup. Here I select "On a hard disk" as my Windows 7 backup location. Generally, there are three options to choose from, "On a hard disk", "On a DVD or more DVDs" or "On a network location".

  • Hard disk:You can save the Windows 7 backup image to an exist hard disk, an external hard disk or an USB Flash Drive with large capacity.
  • DVD:Go and find a blank DVD disk and inset it to your DVD-ROM and then save backups to it. Although this way is quite time-consuming, it is very safe for backup data.
  • Network location: This method will let the system back up your Windows 7 to a remote network share for use in the future, but backed up data cannot be securely protected for a net target.

Step 3:

Hit "Next" button to start it up! Then the system will automatically prompt you to select the drive which you want to be included in the backup. Then go on clicking "Next".

Step 4:

At last, System takes you to the confirmation window. Press "Start Backup" to begin making a backup of the Windows 7. Generally the backup process doesn't last as long. When finished, you have successfully done the Windows 7 backup job. That's all!

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