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Adding Album Cover Artwork to MP3 Songs Automatically on Mac

by Edwin Liu | October 17, 2013 11:24 AM
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The album art, or more accurately the digital album art, is an image embeded in digital music files (.mp3, .wma, etc) to visually express the theme in an artist’s album. If you have a large music library, the elegant album cover artwork will give you a beautiful view when you managing or playing your digital music files on iTunes, iPod touch, iPhone, or other music managers or players, and also help you quickly find out the album you want to listen to from hundreds of albums in your music library.

However, the album artworks in the MP3 files downloaded from internet or ripped from CDs are always missing. If there are loads of songs that do not have cover arts in your music library, here I recommend you a decent tag editor named Wondershare TidyMyMusic for Mac. This program can find and add album art, album, artist, song’s name, even lyrics to one, or many MP3 files at once. It can also identify the duplicate songs in your music library, and delete them. Directly download this Mac program here.

A brief guide to adding album art to MP3 songs in batch with Wondershare TidyMyMusic for Mac

  1. Open Wondershare TidyMyMusic for Mac, then it will instantly scan your iTunes music library and finally add all songs into its file tray. For the music files not managed by iTunes on your Mac hard drive, you can click the Tidy Music tab to tell this program where they are stored to let this program scan and add them.
  2. Once the music files have been added, just click the Scan button on the top and keep the two check boxes, “Search for Unidentified Songs” and “Search for Duplicated Songs”, selected, then this program will access the Gracenote database to search for the missing album art, album, artist, title, even lyrics for your songs. When such music information are found, it adds them to your music. Also, all duplicate songs in your music library will be listed after scanning.
  3. Clicking each songs you will see the artwork you’ve now got in the right-hand column. If you are not satisfied with the artwork, you can change it by dragging a new one to the album art area.
  4. When everything makes you happy, click the Apply button at lower right. That’s it.