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Recording BBC Radio Streams as MP3s/WAVs for Listening Any Time

by Edwin Liu | May 24, 2014 9:18 PM
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You listen online to BBC radio every day, and some of your favorite radio programmers are only available on limit time, so you want to download them to local hard disk drive for listening any time. Here is a decent BBC radio stream recording tool named Leawo Music Recorder may help you accomplish that.

Leawo Music Recorder can record any online Internet radio stations and streams, and then save the recordings in .mp3/.wav format onto your computer. One great feature of this program is that when you use it to record music in BBC radio station, it will automatically identify and add music tags including Title/Artist/Album/Year/Genre to the recorded tracks.

Steps of recording BBC radio streams with Leawo Music Recorder

1:Free download this program here, Then install and run it. When you come to this program’s home screen, click on the “ ” icon then this program gets ready to record any sound going through your computer’s sound card.

2:Go to www.bbc.co.uk/radio/stations, select the radio station that contains the programmers you are going to record, and then click on the Play button. After that, you will see the stopwatch on the recorder’s window start counting. That means Leawo Music Recorder is receiving and recording the audio signals from BBC radio.

3: Next, wait until the BBC radio show has been done, then click Media button at the bottom of the recorder’s window, you will see the recorded audio file.

Tip: When you use this program to record songs from BBC iPlayer radio, if this program fails to add music tags to its recorded tracks, you can use its built-in music tag editor to edit music tags manually.

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