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Recording Rhapsody Music to Keep Them Permanently

by Edwin Liu | May 13, 2014 17:32 PM
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Rhapsody is a long-history music subscription service in US, and the acquisition of Napster in 2011 adopted hundreds of thousands of registered users. Rhapsody subscribers are allowed to download music for offline playback, but the music downloads can only work on the Rhapsody-authorized PCs and mobile media players; the music downloads will get inaccessible once you stop paying the monthly subscription.

If you have a Rhapsody music subscription and want to get Rhapsody songs kept in your computer permanently or played on any mobile media players, you can consider recording them while listening with a Rhapsody music recording software. Here’s a decent one named Leawo Music Recorder. This tool is able to capture streaming audio from any websites and then output MP3s or WAVs with high quality, additionally it can identify and add music tags to its recordings and automatically filter out audio Ads on streaming music services.

How to record Rhapsody music with Leawo Music Recorder

1:Free download Leawo Music Recorder here, and then install it.

2:Go to rhapsody.com or open Rhapsody software, log into your account, and then cue the song you’d like to record.

3: Start this recorder, and then click the “ ” icon to let it begin to record audio stream. Clicking the icon again will stop the recording.

4: Start playing Rhapsody music, then you will see the stopwatch on the recorder’s window start counting. That means Leawo Music Recorder is receiving and recording the audio signals from Rhapsody.

5:When the whole recording has been done, click on the Media button at the bottom of the window, then you will see the recorded audio files, which have been tagged. If this recorder fails to tag the recordings, you can tag them manually with its built-in music tag editor.

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