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How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive (Western Digital, Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Seagate, SimpleTech, etc.)

by Edwin Liu | June 18, 2013 16:43 PM
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“I have a Toshiba external hard drive (about 160GB). Yesterday I deleted all the files in it accidentally. I’m so heart-breaking because there are many precious photos, videos and my important work documents in it. Now I really want them back! Who can help me?”

As the storage space of computer local hard drive is limited, more and more people intend to use an external hard drive to store and backup their all kinds of data. So what’s an external hard drive? Generally speaking, an external hard drive is a hard drive which attaches to a port on the outside of a computer case. Because of its large capacity, easy to carry and easy to transfer files from one computer to another, external hard drives do bring us lots of convenience.


However, the more we use the external hard drive, the risk we lost our data will become higher. A survey from a data recovery company shows that the data lost rate from external hard drives is much higher than from local hard drives. So, people often come up with such similar questions just like the beginning of the article mentioned.

When you found your external hard drive data is lost, don’t be too alarmed, because the lost data might be recovered. However you should stop to use it immediately, or you may overwrite the original data, and then your data recovery may become extremely difficult.

Now the only question is how do you recover your external hard drive data?

Some people may choose to send their external hard drive to a professional data recovery company. But this will cost lots of time and money. In addition, the security of your private information such as some business data, work documents in your external hard drive cannot be ensured.

Under this condition, what you need is a reliable data recovery software. Among the various kinds of data recovery software, I thinkRemo Recovery (Windows) is just the one you need. It retrieves data from different external hard drive brands like Western Digital, Toshiba, from Dell, IBM, Seagate, SimpleTech, etc., no matter what reasons cause hard drive data loss:

  1. Accidentally delete or format some files.
  2. Formatted the external hard drive but forgot to back up files.
  3. Files cannot be accessed normally duo to bad sectors on the external hard drive.
  4. The external hard drive is injected by a virus.
  5. Partition is missing or deleted.
  6. Partition table has been damaged.
  7. Improper ejection before the drive is disconnected.
  8. Improper sudden system shut down due to power surge or due to improper power supply while the files are transferring.

You can Directly download Remo Recover (Windows) Here, install it in your computer and have a try. I’m sure its perfect performance won’t let you down.


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