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Recovering Lexar USB Flash Drive File With Ease

by Edwin Liu | June 29, 2015 17:10 PM
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“I encountered a trouble a few days ago. The power failure suddenly happened when I was transferring files from my 16GB Lexar Jump Driver Triton to computer. When I opened my Lexar USB drive again, I found my files disappeared. I was so worried because those files were very important to me, and what’s worse, I had not backed them up. Please tell me how I can recover them from my Lexar USB drive?”

Because of the large capacity, fast read/write speed, good quality, elegant and beautiful design, Secure Software which can provide a very well protection for the privacy of work, lots of people become the loyal fans of Lexar USB Flash Drives. However, many Lexar users have mentioned the problems of data losing from their Lexar USB drives. So how to solve such problems when you are facing them?


Maybe you want to turn to a professional data recovery company for help, but it will cost lots of money and time, and your privacy cannot be ensured. Actually, you can also ask help from a reliable data recovery software. And among the various data recovery softwares, I think Remo Recovery (Windows) is more reliable.
This program can easily recover lost data, including deleted and corrupted files, on any models of Lexar USB flash drive including Lexar Jump Driver P10/S23/S33/S73/Triton/Twist Turn 3.0 Flash Drive, Jump Driver S50/S70/V10/Echo Flash Drive, Echo ZX/MX Backup Drive, etc.

It comes with two scan modes, Quick Scan and Smart Scan.

  • The Quick Scan can help you find your lost files on your Lexar USB in a very short time. That is because under normal circumstances, the files are not lost really. They are just marked erasable symbols at the heads. These symbols send the information that new files can be write at these places. But actually, they still exist in the data field of the USB.
  • The Smart Scan is to look for the lost files and data whose names are deleted, changed or covered in the File directory table of the USB Controller due to virus attack such reason based on the unique file signatures. Smart scan always needs a long time, but its scan result is much more overall. As most of the names of the scanned files are damaged, so you can use the Find Option which can narrow the range of recovered files according to the size, created date and lost date of the file, and the Preview function to find the files you want to retrieve exactly.

With the help of such a powerful function data recovery software, I’m sure you won’t need to confuse about data losing. You can Directly download Remo Recover (Windows) Here, and give it a try. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.


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