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Two Ways to Recover Overwritten Word/Excel/PowerPoint Files

by Edwin Liu | June 13, 2013 15:31 PM (Updated 01/29/2016)
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Sometimes, you may overwrite your important office files due to carelessness. For example, you have an old Excel file in your USB drive or Email, unfortunately, you accidentally copied it into a folder that contains a newer version with the same name and overwrote the new version. Another example, when you finish the edits to a Word document, you mean to save it by clicking ‘Save as’, but you click “Save” by mistake and the original document is overwritten.

Then, is there any chance to get these overwritten office files (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) back?

Generally speaking, you can hardly recover an overwritten Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file. However, that is not absolutely impossible. Here are two ways you can try:

Way 1. As we know, while we are editing a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file, the office file will automatically create some temporary files. Each time the office application automatically save the document, it will create a temporary file and the temporary file won’t overwrite the previous one. These temporary files are the snapshots of different editing progresses when you edit in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Don’t belittle them.

To restore the overwritten Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file, you just need to find out the most recent temporary file. These temporary files usually begin with “$” or “~”, and end with “.TMP”. You can use the search box on the Start menu to find these files, choose the temporary files whose created date is close to your last modified date, change the “.TMP” to “.DOC/.DOCX”, “.XLS/.XLSX”, or “.PPT/.PPTX”, and then open them to see if the contents are what you’re looking for.

Way 2. If fail to recover your overwritten Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file using the way 1 above, I suggest you try this office file recovery software named Abstradrome Office Regenerator. Its developers claim that it has the ability to recover deleted and overwritten Microsoft Office files (Word/Excel/PowerPoint). I have tested it on my computer, and its function is surely powerful.

Directly download the free edition of Abstradrome Office Regenerator


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