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How to Change/Reset your DVD Region Code in Windows 8

by Edwin Liu | November 17, 2014 15:36 PM
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As a DVD collector or DVD fun, have you ever met this condition: you purchased some DVDs during a travel abroad and when went back home, you however found those purchased DVD couldn't be played on the DVD-ROM of your computer. After doing some research, you knew the existence of DVD region code. Then you probably thought you would never have the chance to play those DVD any more. What a shame! But here I'd like to say that don't give up so soon. You still have the opportunity to play them. But you should change the region code on your computer.

Do you want to know how to change the Region code on Windows computer? Here I will take the new Windows 8 as an example to show you how. Actually DVD region reset in Windows 8 is quite similar with that in other versions of Windows. If you use other versions of Windows you can refer to this tutorial to finish region code reset job as well. Now follow the easy steps to change the region code on Windows 8 computer:

Step 1:

Go to the desktop of your computer and right-click on the Start screen icon then click on Device Manager.

Step 2:

In this Device Manager Window, double-click DVD/CD-ROM drives and all the DVD/CD drive will show. Then you choose the DVD drive you want to change the region code and right-click on it. In the displayed list, hit on Properties option and the Properties window shows.

Step 3:

You find the DVD Region tab and under this tab, you can make the change you want by choosing a certain country or region from the list and click OK button to save the change. Then Congratulations! You just successfully change the region code on your Windows 8 computer.

Warning: You are allowed to only change the region code for the very limited 5 times. If this five time changes are run out, the region code will remain the final change. Also nothing you can do to change the region code again and you can only play DVDs from that region forever, so you should be very cautious to change the region setting.

If this unlucky condition does happen to you, please don't worry. Here is another method that will help you to play DVDs from a different region or any region: rip DVD to gain the purpose of unlocking DVD region code and then play the ripped DVD on your computer or other digital media devices like phones, tablet PCs, game hardware, etc. It also has another benefit: avoid scratches on your precious DVDS. Then to finish this task, you need to get the professional DVD ripping software to do this job. Click here to find the strongly recommended one.

At last, hope you enjoy watching DVD movies freely.

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