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For Mac Users: Rip DVD to MKV with Multiple Subtitles & Tracks

by Edwin Liu | April 26, 2013 18:32 PM
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Let's say you are bothered when ripping DVD on your Mac computer for playback because they only can keep one subtitle and one audio tracks, and the output video quality is bad. To solve the problems, you can consider converting DVD to MKV format, because MKV is a video container that can hold multiple subtitles and audio tracks, and it can be encoded with the H.264 which can provide better quality comparing with other codecs.

Just follow the guide below to convert a movie DVD to MKV video with multiple subtitles & tracks on Mac computer:

What you'll need:

  1. The DVD disc.
  2. Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac which will be used to rip videos and audios off the DVD disc, and then re-encode them to one MKV video file and several MKA audio tracks.
  3. Avidemux for Mac which will be used to extract subtitle files from the DVD movie.
  4. Mkvtoolnix for Mac which will be used to merge the MKV video file, MKA audio tracks and subtitle files together into Matroska container.


  1. Click here to download the Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac. Install and run it on your Mac computer.
  2. Place the DVD you’d like to convert into your Mac DVD drive. On the home screen of this ripper app, click the “” icon, then a new Finder window will pop up, then double click the DVD icon under the Device heading located on the left side of the Finder window to initialize the loading process from DVD drive.

  3. Once titles/chapters are displayed on the ripper’s interface, click the Format icon in the end of the DVD title or chapter that you want to convert, and come to the conversion profile panel. Hit Common Video button and choose MKV as output video format.

    Then hit on “” icon at the bottom of the panel to open the setting panel and choose H.264 as Video Codec. You are also allowed to change the video size, bit rate, frame rate, etc.
  4. Click “” button to start the conversion. You will get the MKV video in a short time.
  5. Extract all of the audio tracks from the DVD. To do so, just back to the Step 2, over the selected title file, you choose one audio track, after that, open the conversion frame, choose MKA as output audio format and press "" to grab the chosen track as MKA file. Repeat the procedure to obtain all of the audio tracks included in the DVD movie.

  6. Extract all of the subtitle files from the DVD with the Avidemux for Mac. I have written an article titled "Free to Extract Subtitles from DVD on Mac and PC Using the Avidemux", you can check it.
  7. Make a google search to find the Mkvtoolnix freeware, and use it to mux the MKV video, MKA tracks and subs into MKV container on your Mac computer. You should first launch the program, then hit the Add button to add all the video, audio and subtitle files to the program. Next change the output file name in the box at the bottom of the window. Then hit on the Start muxing button. That's it.

Now you know the way to convert DVD movie to MKV video with multiple subtitles and audio tracks for Mac OS X. Enjoy it!


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