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Ripping Movie DVDs to Play on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with Ease

by Edwin Liu | March 21, 2013 17:46 PM
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Apple iPhone 6 (6 Plus) include a bigger, higher-resolution display, faster performance and a snappy new operating system, but as an iPhone aficionado, my estimates of Apple was “He could surpass others from the competition, but not himself”. Overall, Early reviews indicate iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are solid. As a big DVD movie lover, when I got the new iPhone 6 Plus, I can't wait to transfer my DVD collections to it for playback, and the next day, I did that.

Everyone knows that DVD can not be played on iPhone as no iPhone has and will have a DVD drive, so I got a DVD ripping software’s help. Here I still choose the DVD ripper named Aimersoft DVD Ripper that I have used before; it worked great for ripping and converting DVD to my previous iPhone 4, 5 and 5s. In addition, the reason I recommended it to you is that I had test few DVD rippers of some renown like Winx DVD Ripper, iskysoft DVD ripper and so on before, and , Aimersoft DVD ripper works best on ripping DVD to iPhone 6 among all the paid DVD rippers from my test result and it is the only one that lifelong License.

Steps of ripping DVD movies and TV shows to iPhone 6:

Step 1:Directly download Aimersoft DVD Ripper, and then install and run it to your PC.

Step 2: Put the DVD Disc you want to rip into the DVD drive of computer, then click "Load DVD" to import source DVD to this DVD ripper. Generally the source files will be loaded successfully in 10 seconds.


Step 3: After the source files are loaded successfully, you will get an interface as above. Aimersoft DVD Ripper offers us a clear and intuitive interface. Look down and find the pull-down menu "Profile”, which is used to set the format of output video. Hit it to select an appropriate output video format for your iPhone 6.

Note: While playing DVD movies on iPhone, different model requires different screen size (resolution), bit rate, frame rate, audio sample rate, channel, etc. Therefore, if you would like to achieve the best video playing effect on your iPhone, you can click Settings button to open the profile settings panel to adjust these output parameters according to your iPhone model's tech specs.

Step 4: When everything is ready, the last step is to press the big "Start" button to start the conversion. Due to the NVIDIA CUDA graphics accelerate technology; this program works fast and saves us much time on the conversion. Once it is finished, you can transfer the conversed version to your iPhone 6/6Plus and enjoy movies whenever you want to.


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