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Getting Movie DVDs Playable on Motorola Xoom & Xyboard Tablet Series

by Edwin Liu | May 13, 2013 17:59 PM
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As one of the IT magnates in America, Motorola Electronics not only concentrates on the researching and developing of smart phones, but also on the tablets PC, the Motorola XOOM and Xyboard are good examples to compete with other brands of tablets PC.

Motorola XOOM series has the members of XOOM, XOOM MZ600(with wi-fi&3G network), MZ601/603/605(wi-fi&3Gnetwork), MZ604/606(only wi-fi), XOOM2, XOOM2 Media Edition MZ505/607(wi-fi&no3Gnetwork)/MZ608(wi-fi&3G), MZ615(no3Gnetwork), XOOM2 3G MZ616 included. Motorola Xyboard has Xyboard 8.2 MZ609(wi-fi&3G&4G), Xyboard 10.1 MZ617(wi-fi&3G&4G).

All these products own wide touch screen, high resolution, and very smooth running. For such perfect movie playback configurations, they will provide a better movie enjoyment for you. Then some people may come up with such a question: Can we watch DVD videos on Motorola tablets PC?

The answer is absolutely YES! However, as some of the DVD is encrypted, and the media contents of DVD can’t be read by Motorola tablets PC, so you can’t play DVD videos on them directly. To solve these problems, you will need a DVD ripper to rip the encrypted DVD to your computer and then a DVD converter to convert its format. Maybe it sounds a little difficult. But don’t worry, all of these complicated things, Aimersoft DVD Ripper will do for you easily and quickly.

You can refer to this easy-to-go tutorial:

Step1: Directly download Aimersoft DVD Ripper, then install it to your computer.

Step2: Insert a DVD disc to your DVD driver, and then hit “Load DVD” button which is on the top left of the window to load DVD files.


Step3: Hit the context menu Profile at the lower part of the window, to set the output format for your Motorola tablets PC. Since Aimersoft DVD Ripper has provided the preset for Motorola XOOM tablets PC, so you can select the Motorola option on the left menu and hit Motorola XOOM on the right drop-down menu. This will be the best output file format for Motorola XOOM.

For other Motoroal Tab models that has no pre-configured conversion profile of Aimersoft DVD Ripper, just select MP4 from Common Video option as output.

Step4: Hit “Start” button on the lower right corner to start convert DVD to your computer. When this is done, you can transfer the converted DVD video to your Motorola tablet PC and enjoy it wherever and whenever.


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