Folder Lock

Version 7.5.6

Protect your private files from being impermissibly invaded, known, copied, unfolded and used by another with the military standard file/folder lock software.

Everyone’s computer may store some sensitive files like personal financial information, personal pictures or video/audio recordings, business plan documents, etc. If you want to block someone from seeing and opening your sensitive data, you will need to hide, lock, password-protect, or encrypt files, folders and drives on your computer. But if you choose a crappy encryption method, it not only has no security effect, but even damages your files causing data loss.

Generally speaking, file encryption can be divided into two categories, the encryption options that come with the Windows OS and the third-party encryption software based on the encryption algorithm including symmetric IDEA algorithm, asymmetric RSA algorithm, non-reciprocal AES algorithm, etc. Windows’s built-in encryption is free but the security is not fine, and can be easily defeated by fiercer computer gammers or virus programs. Most of the third-party encryption software charge fees, but they usually have high encryption strength and efficiency so that the encrypted files are difficult to be hacked or cracked.

Folder Lock 7 is such a third-party data security program running on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. This software adopts military-grade 256-AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm which brings together great security, high efficiency and high flexibility making the encrypted files/folders unassailable. With Folder Lock 7, you can lock, hide and password-protect files, folders and partitions with a simple drag & drop, and encrypt your important files. Optionally you can backup your encrypted data to a secure online storage if you worry about your hardware crashes; create encrypted portable self-executable applications or ZIP files for USB drives, CDs, DVDs, Emails; Save the information of your credit card, debit card, business card, identity card, etc into an encrypted “wallet” for a quicker view; …

Folder Lock 7 has the following main features:

  • Lock and hide files, folders, and drives to stop other people from intentionally or unintentionally opening and viewing them. The adoption of Windows kernel level locking technology makes it difficult for the ill-intentioned people to analyze the location of the encrypted files by using commands in DOS. And the files locked at Window kernel level will not be damaged after formatting and reinstalling the operating system.
  • Encrypt files using on-the-fly military grade 256-AES algorithm.Such encrypted data could not be decrypted because the prerequisite for decryption is that the bad guys need to know the plaintext for the protected data, and this is impossible. Run Folder Lock 7, simply create an AES-encrypted storage locker, and then add your important files into it for protection.
  • Encrypt files/folders to the portable executable file or ZIP fileso that you can put the EXE or ZIP files to USB drives, CDs, DVDs, Emails for using on other computers without installing Folder Lock 7.
  • Upload your lockers containing all your sensitive data onto a cloud servervia 128-bit SSL connection which secures data transfer. After uploading, you can access your data anywhere and anytime. It’ll automatically sync to the cloud server each time you change or modify the files on your computer.
  • Create 256-AES encrypted Wallets for saving your credit card info, debit card info, and more such info.. You’re allowed to customize the digital wallets by changing icons, card background, and card templates.
  • Folder Lock 7’s shred file feature lets you completely delete your sensitive files after you have added them into your lockers to avoid the leakage of your important data. No chance of recovering!
  • Folder Lock 7’s clean history feature lets you clear out all traces you’ve left from the internet and in Windows: list of recently used documents, online digital footprint, traces of your browser activity, temp files, open/save history, clipboard data, etc.




What Users Say ...

" Simple interface, easy to use, has all necessary tools, surprising encryption & decryption speed. Folder Lock is definitely worth 39 bucks!"      --- Joseph

"My cousin came to my house this summer holiday, fortunately I had locked all videos and pictures I don’t want her to see. I was very pleased with the software’s performance."                                                                      --- James

"My job is engineering drawing. Every time I finish my work, I will use Folder Lock to compress it to AES-encrypted ZIP file and then send to my client. Folder Lock makes me feel relieved."                                                                   --- Ryan

Download the free edition of Folder Lock, or buy securely online for only $39.95


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