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If physical bad sectors prevent you reading data on hard drive, here is a powerful tool to help you fix the bad sectors and make the unreadable data readable without data losses.

It’s reported that almost 60% of all hard drives damaged with bad sectors have an incorrectly magnetized disk surface. So when you find that you have a hard time to access the data on a hard drive, it probably means you have bad sector of magnetic error on hard disks surface. Then you can use this great HDD Regenerator to fix the bad sectors, rescue the hard drive and make the unreadable data become readable. This hard disk repair software can easily detect physical bad sectors and then uses an algorithm called Hysteresis loops generator to repair those bad sectors on disk surface with no data loss and the previous inaccessible data becomes accessible. Besides, with it, you can successfully repair the hard drive delays which may cause data losses.

Below are the remarkable features of HDD Regenerator:

  • Powerful bad sector repair function. It can smartly detect the physical bad sectors on a hard drive surface with a quick speed and then use a developed algorithm called Hysteresis loops generator to fix the bad sectors of magnetic error.
  • Magical corrupted data recovery ability. After using it to scan and repair the bad sectors, the previous unreadable data becomes readable.
  • Various file system are supported. Whether FAT, NTFS, ext4 or any other file systems, this software will check and recover the physical bad sectors on hard disk surface with no file system limitation. It also can do the same thing to the unformatted or unpartitioned disks.
  • Useful bootable regenerating ability. You can make a bootable USB flash drive to directly start the regenerating process from it or a bootable CD/ DVD to automatically begin the bad sector recovery process under DOS. This is very useful when the computer can’t be started from the hard drive and no data losses in this process.
  • Working on all operating systems. In Windows 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista, directly using it to fix bad sectors on hard drive surface is allowed. For those non-Windows operating systems like Mac or Linux, you can use the bootable USB flash drive or bootable CD/ DVD to scan and fix the bad sectors on the computer hard drive.
  • Two scan modes provided. Prescan mode is used to fast detect the bad sectors at physical level and find their locations. Normal scan mode offers you options to only scan and show bad sectors or scan and repair bad sectors. The scanning speed is fast. However, admittedly, the repairing process is slow, especial when more bad sectors need repair. So please be patient.
  • Detect and fix delays. If you access the data on hard disk very slowly, it is probably because you have delays on your hard drive. Also permanent delays may cause data losses, but you can use the Regenerate all sectors in a range option to repair the delays.
  • Easy-to-use operation. No complicated settings will bewilder you. You just need to follow the instruction on each interface of the software and make the choice depending on your needs.



What Users Say ...

" Oh, thank God. I finally remove all the physical bad sectors on my computer hard drive. This HDD Regenerator is awesome! My computer couldn’t start normally and some one told me that it might because the bad sectors. Then I found and used the highly recommended HDD Regenerator demo version. Guess what? So many bad sectors were detected. Then purchased it and problem solved. "  --- Patrick

" I used HDD Regenerator to fix bad sectors on my hard drive; the problem is that I got 153 bad sectors and more than 250 delays. Luckily, this software also helped me repair the delays. Really good program! "        --- Matthew

"When I first viewed the interface of this software, I thought it must be very complicated to use. It turned out I was so wrong. Only need to type the numbers of the options I need, it will start the process automatically. I repair the bad sectors by myself. Great tool, thank you! "         --- Llewellyn

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