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How to Improve the speed of Hard Disk

by Edwin Liu | July 17, 2013 8:26 AM
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Slow speed of hard disk has confused many people. This condition may be caused by various reasons. The followings are some suggestions for you to improve the speed of your hard disk. Hope these small tips will sweep your annoyance.

1. Set the Virtual Memory

Generally speaking, Windows has preset system manage virtual memory automatically. So it will adjust the Swap file size according to the requirement of different programs. But the changing will bring extra burden to system and slow down the system operation. So, it is better for users to set the minimum and maximum of virtual memory by themselves to avoid changing frequently. You can customize the virtual memory according to the following operation: right click My computer → System Properties → Advanced → Performance Settings → Advanced → Change.

2. Disk Defragmentation

The hard disk always produces many fragment files after using a long period of time. And these fragments will reduce the work effect of hard disk, also will bring risks of hard drive data loss and data damage. So you’d better do the disk defragmentation regularly. Windows users can use the Disk Defragmenter in the system tools. When doing Disk Defragmentation, you are required to close all other applications including the Screen Saver.

3. Check DMA Mode

The hard disk PATA mode includes DMA33, DMA66, DMA100 and DMA 133, now the latest mode is SATA-150. Most of people are still using the PATA mode, because the transfer speed of DMA mode is 2~8 times than the previous PIO mode. But sometimes the system of Windows 2000, XP, 2003 will shut down the DMA mode automatically and change to PIO mode. This will lead to the sudden drop of hard disk performance. You can check whether the DMA mode of your hard disk is closed through the following steps:

A. Right click “My Computer” and select Manage
B. Click Device Manager in the left directory, and double click Primary IDE Chanel
C. Click Advanced Settings to check whether your DMA mode is changed to IPO mode
D. If it is changed, click the Drive tab, and click Uninstall.
When finished, restart your computer and it will be OK.

4.To Make Your Windows Thin

Compared with the DOS system, Windows is too large. And with your daily operation, installation of new softwares and adding new games, it is becoming larger. The more important is, not only its directory, but also its registry and runtime is becoming larger. Even you delete one program, the DLL file it uses will still exist. As time goes by, the system running speed is becoming slower and slower. Then you will need to use some program to delete the DLL files completely. If you are a computer expert, you can reinstall the Windows system every two months. It is really useful to improve the speed of your hard disk.

5. Disk Compression

“Disk Compression” may cause the sudden drop of computer performance and result in the slow system speed. You should check whether the Disk Compression is turned on at this moment. Right click My computer, select Properties Option from the pop-up menu, then you can check the Drive property.

The reasons that result in hard disk slow speed are various, and the methods to solve these problems are also various. The above advices are just a few of them. Among the plenty of methods, I think the most important is to form good habits when using computers. Thus you can protect well your hard disk and reduce the rate of it suffering damage.


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