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How to Prevent Data Loss from Computer?

by Edwin Liu | July 11, 2013 8:58 AM
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Nowadays computer has become a basic thing in our life. Common people use computers, enterprises also use computers, we can see computers everywhere. However, as long as there is a computer, then the data loss conditions will happen. So to learn some small tips to prevent data loss from computers is very useful. The followings are some experience which can help to keep your computer data from being lost:

  1. To change the path of “My Documents” from C Partition to D Partition. And the backup path of outlook, outlook express and other kinds of database files also should be changed to D Partition. Other important files also should be put into non-system partition, that is because System Partition has a high failure rate than other partitions.  
  2. If the system has crashed, you must make sure that you have backed up important files in System Partition before reinstall system.
  3. If you decide to clone the system, you have to get clear understandings of what is source disk, destination disk, partition, and whole hard disk. And be cautious when you are operating, because even a computer proficient will make mistakes easily if he is not careful enough.
  4. Cautiously use Paragon Partition Manager. Although some of its functions are good to use, it is also a dangerous tool. It may cause data loss once you make some mistakes when operate it. So, you’d better not use Paragon Partition Manager, if have no better choice, remember to back up important file advance.
  5. To install a genuine anti-virus software and update it regularly. Many conditions of data loss are caused by virus. So, if your data is rather important, please remember to purchase genuine anti-virus softwares to reduce the virus damage to the lowest.
  6. Pay attention to the temperature when hard drive is running. Too high temperature is always one of the reasons which would cause hard drive damages. If the draft power of your case is limited, you can consider to build in a hard drive fan. Practice has improved that, to build in a hard disk fan could greatly reduce the rate of head damages and hard disk bad sectors. However, before build in the hard disk fan you should fix well the hard disk to avoid bring shake to it when the fan is working.
  7. Prevent the hard disk from being shake. When the hard disk is reading, shake may will cause bad sectors or damage the head; it also will easily damage the disk head even the hard drive is not working. So, you should be careful when you are moving or dismantle the hard disk.
  8. Regularly do Disk defragmentation. If the hard disk begin to exist bad sectors, you can know it and take actions earlier.
  9. Focus on the damage that static electricity brings to the circuit board of hard disk. You should try to avoid to touch the components of the circuit board.
  10. If you find the reading and writing speed of your hard disk slow down  obviously, you can use scandisk to check it whether has bad sectors. Once it is found bad sectors, you’d better cut power immediately. Because sometimes the bad sectors can spread very quickly.
  11. When you want to format C Partition under DOS, please pay attention that whether your C Partition is NTFS format or not. Because DOS can’t recognize the partition in NTFS format. So, if your C partition is NTFS format, you may format D partition when you want to format C partition.
  12. Cautiously use the encryption tool which comes with XP system and is based on the NTFS format. If you really want to use it, you should know that if you don’t backup password and certificates, the encrypted files can’t be recovered after you reinstall system or change user’s name.


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