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How to Synchronize Music,Videos,Photos, etc to iPhone?

by Edwin Liu | March 25, 2013 14:00 PM
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First connect iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. The navigation bar in the left-hand column will appear a “Devices” tab including the name of the iPhone and the music, movies, TV shows, etc. There are two ways for you to import music and video to iPhone: import manually and sync with library.

Method1: Import Manually

You need select “Manually manage music and videos” in the “Options” column first. After doing this, you can choose to sync specified or all of the TV shows and movies in your iTunes library to iPhone. Just click the items you want to sync, then hit the “Apply” button at the bottom right, iTunes will begin transferring the content you've selected to your iPhone.

Method2: Sync with Library.

If you use sync with library, you need to cancel "Manually manage music and video" first in the devices information page. When cancelling, iTunes will pop up a dialog box to remind the users that the already reserved music and video in the iPhone will be replaced by the library content if the manually importing is canceled.

Note: If library has other contents, the files in iPhone will be replaced; while, if no other contents in the library, the existing content in iPhone will all be deleted. So you should first make sure if the devices contain important files before changing the manual management to synchronous import mode

When using the method of “sync with library” to import music and videos, you need to add file to the local library first.

Click the "File" menu at the top of iTunes, you can see two options: Add File to Library and Add Folder to Library. When add files, you can choose one or several files in a folder, but when add a folder all the contents of the folder will be added. You can choose either way according to your own needs.

After the import is completed, we can click the music or movie to view and manage the files in the navigation bar of the iTunes library. At the moment, click the “sync” button at the bottom of the page, then you can import all the contents of the library into iPhone. If you want to add, delete or modify files later in iPhone, you must first add or delete files in the library before syncing, then the content in iPhone will change accordingly.

Pay attention that the reserved music or video files in iPhone can’t be imported to the computer through iTunes, but it only can be achieved through ifunbox and other three party softwares.

In addition, we don’t have to transfer all the contents of library to iPhone. We can choose whatever we want to synchronize according to your needs.

In the devices information, hit the “music” button at the top of the window and enter the sync music window, and change the set of synchronize “all the music library” to synchronize the “selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres”

Then below the playlists or artists, select whatever you want to synchronize. Thus, every time you can synchronize alternatively according to the setting here.

Apple's iTunes software also works with your iPod or iPad. It lets you manage and sync ringtones, music, videos, phostos, apps, contacts, calendars, email and bookmarks to your iPhone. You can just follow the tutorial above you can transfer whatever you want to your device.

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