How to Store the Optical Discs in a Proper Condition?

If you are a big DVD fan, you must have a huge DVD disc collection. So you definitely do not like to see your precious DVD collection get scratched or damaged and even can’t be played normally on your DVD player. Then here you are recommended to use a terrific DVD backup program to copy the DVDs to local hard drive or other places in advance. Besides, you do can take some actions to prolong the life of your beloved…

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How to Uninstall the Built-in Applications from Android Phone

Generally all Android phones have some built-in applications when they are out of the factory, but the some of those built-in apps are rarely used by the majority of users. Also these apps will take up many space of the phone So it has been many people’s wish to uninstall or delete those not often used apps. However, these applications are built into the firmware of Android phone and there is no option for you to uninstall them even though…

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Four Things to Know about completely and safely Erasing your iPhone

According to the research company Recon Analytics, the average people phone is replaced every 18 months; and when a person gets himself a new phone, he tends not to erase his phone to prevent your private information exposing to other people as few people realize the importance of the protection of privacy at present. For example, Hollywood actress pornographic incident in 2014 offers us a lesson about privacy protection; thus later in life we should pay more attention to individual…

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