Creating DVDs is quite a job now. It is prevalent anywhere especially with the modern demand of the people for movies, installers and drivers, games and applications. It is now very easy to tape whatever you want to tape and save it as a DVD file. You just need a blank re-writable DVD disk, a computer or a laptop and then you’re good to go. Computer technicians and others with computer-related jobs are commonly the ones who do DVD burning whenever customers ask them to. Even though movies, installers and drivers, games and applications can now be easily downloaded online, some of those are still not safe and can harm you PC or your laptop. That’s why there is still a big need for DVDs.


In order to have a quality-made DVD, your PC needs to have a good DVD Creator. Microsoft has the most popular DVD creator which is the Microsoft DVD Maker. This feature can make DVDs that can be watched in TVs or computers with the use of a DVD player. The fastest way to create a DVD is to add videos or photos using a DVD Creator and then burn the DVD. You can also do it creatively by customizing the menu text and style of the DVD before burning it.

Creating DVDs only follow three basic steps and you can surely do this on your own PCs and laptops!

1.  Add and arrange photos or videos
This is definitely the first step because before you can burn the DVD, it should have a file in it. So you can add photos and videos and then arrange them the way you like them to be. The added pictures will be playing as a slideshow on the DVD. You can change the order of the videos and preview them afterwards to check it, customize it and then start burning it.
2.  Customize the DVD
You can choose to customize or not to customize the menu and text of you DVD. Customizing it will make the disc your own look. You can do changes with the menu style, buttons and text. You can also customize the pictures you added on how they will be playing in the slideshow or add music to it.
3.  Burn
After all you have done your desired changes on the DVD content, you can now burn in on your PC or laptop.

DVD creating is as simple as that. Once you’re a tech savvy, it will just be a piece of cake for you especially that there is an enormous list of software for DVD burning. You will have a lot of choice on how you can fully create your own DVD and serve its purpose.  But you don’t have to search any further because there is already a highly recommended product in DVD making and that is Leawo DVD Creator!

This DVD creator software is fast and handy. It has a video converter and a combined program for DVD burning. All videos can be converted in standard DVD formats! It also has free menu templates with themes. Music and picture customization is also available. It has video functions such as crop, trim, watermark, video effects and 3D setting which makes it the widely-used DVD creator.