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2016 Rio Olympic Games – Dazzling and Spirited Opening to Colorful and Fun Closing Ceremonies

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games is considered as the most awaited and action packed event this year. Chosen as the host for the Olympic Games, Rio de Janiero prepared a dazzling yet spirited opening that marked the exciting sports events that spectators must not miss. There were impressive firework displays and a lot of performances from the locals and other celebrities that made the event more spectacular. As what most people would say, Rio, despite a low budget preparation, threw…

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Five-science and technology innovation in 2016 Rio Olympic Games

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio has been held over the weekend, with 207 Country or region attending. As usual, 2016 Rio Olympic Games, which is held once every four years, is still with some latest scientific and technological innovation and below I will list them one by one. NFC Payment During the Rio Olympic Games, with Visa and Bradesco launching the Brazil NFC payments bracelets jointly, over 3000 people (including athletes) will be using the NFC payments bracelet. The…

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How to Upgrade Your Laptop’s CD/DVD Drive

Optical drives and hard drives are failure-prone items included in your laptop. The good news is that they are also much easier to upgrade, swap out, and even live without. All you need to do is consider helpful tips to quickly upgrade your laptop’s CD/DVD drive in several easy steps. It will surely help you save excellent amount of time when it comes to replacing, saving or speeding up storage for more convenient usage. Some of the great advantages of…

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How to Connect a Mac Computer to a TV

If you’re wondering how to connect your Macbook to your TV, you’ve visited the right site. In fact, it’s easy to stream movies while catching up some favorite TV programs with the help of your Apple laptop. You can also enjoy streaming iPlayer and view photos through a larger screen by just connecting your Mac to a TV screen. The following will provide you easy steps to perform this process without the hassles. All you need is a set-top box…

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