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Forget Fingerprints, A Phone from Japan lets you pay via Iris scan

Nowadays, signing in or buying things via fingerprints has been a trend as more and more phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, HTC and Huawei etc. begin to use the Fingerprint identification technology into the new products so that they can deliver the consumers outstanding user experiences of mobile payment or mobile phone unlock. However, in recent weeks, in order to make mobile transactions easier and more secure, some folks in Japan use the more advanced Iris recognition technology into a…

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How to Uninstall the Built-in Applications from Android Phone

Generally all Android phones have some built-in applications when they are out of the factory, but the some of those built-in apps are rarely used by the majority of users. Also these apps will take up many space of the phone So it has been many people’s wish to uninstall or delete those not often used apps. However, these applications are built into the firmware of Android phone and there is no option for you to uninstall them even though…

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