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Articles in rip DVD category show many skills and methods of ripping a DVD, find useful tutorials on how to rip DVD, convert video and backup Blu-ray movie. With the help of these posts, you can easily handle the process of copying audio or video content on DVD to a hard disk or various of video-playing Facilities.

DVD to iPhone SE Mac – Guide to Rip & Convert DVD to iPhone SE on Mac

After Apple launched its new 4-inch iPhone SE on 28 April, there is bound to be a purchase small peak in the near future. But to tell the truth, I am afraid the price of iPhone SE is above most people’s limit, be sure to make it worth the investment after purchase. For example, watching DVD collections on iPhone SE is a nice way of making the most of our iPhone SEs, and much more than that, in this way…

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DVD to MOV on Mac – Rip and Convert DVD to MOV on Mac Effortlessly

After a movie comes out on DVD we are all ecstatic to buy and watch it at home, however if you want to see it multiple times or if you have a large DVD collection it can be hard to manage the DVD content properly and because of that you need to find an alternative. The best thing you can do in this situation is to convert DVD to MOV. If you are a Mac owner, you can easily use…

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DVD To iPad on Mac – How Can We Import a DVD to Play on Apple iPad

Perhaps only iPad owners knew it well that what a great feeling to catch a movie on the iPad. In term of video playback, Apple iPad lays over anything else of the kind and has advantages which other table PCs can not provide. I really admire Steve Jobs and all the work that he did to iPad, in order to make sure iPad’s high performance, he stoutly shut Flash Plug-in out to reduce the burden of the system so that…

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Backup DVD Collections on MAC with the Aimersoft DVD ripper for Mac

Are you interested in making use of a Mac? If yes, you may also want to back your DVD collections up with MAC to be able to edit or play all those DVD movies in iMovie, QuickTime, iTunes, Final Cut Pro and other Mac applications. If you want for the most effective way to get it done, you can simply make use of Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac. This is truly the best choice for ripping DVD on MAC. This…

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