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Articles in rip DVD category show many skills and methods of ripping a DVD, find useful tutorials on how to rip DVD, convert video and backup Blu-ray movie. With the help of these posts, you can easily handle the process of copying audio or video content on DVD to a hard disk or various of video-playing Facilities.

A tried-and-true DVD to MP4 Ripping software for Mac OS X

Why do I write this article? In recent years, It’s true that Apple puts a further dent in Microsoft’s still-massive share of the PC market and more and more Windows customers switched to using a Mac. And accompanying with the increase of Mac users, a number of Mac users are actively seeking a trust worthy DVD to MP4 ripper and digitize their DVD Collection to MP4 files on Mac as MP4 is widely used on vast majority of mobile devices,…

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Guide to Ripping Blu-ray & DVD to iPhone 6s/6s Plus, 6/6 Plus, 5/5s on Mac

Before smart phones and other portable playback devices were widespread, people only could watch their purchased Blu-ray/DVD discs on DVD players at home, and then put those optical discs away safely and watched them again later on. However, the popularity of smart phones has completely changed this situation in recent years, , apart from watching on Blu-ray/DVD player at home, people can re-distribute Blu-rays/DVDs onto iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP, or other portable devices and watch movies whenever and wherever they…

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Rip & Convert DVD to iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, 6 / 6 Plus, 5 / 5s, etc.

Although Android manufacturers are playing catch-up, iPhone still took over 90% of of the smart phone market profits, only in the first quarter of 2016, nearly 74 million iPhone were sold by Apple and its profits hits $ 18 billion. To be honest, this is really terrible for other handset-makers. From the sales of iPhone in 2015 and the first quarter of 2016, we can see that more and more consumers come to accept and buy an iPhone in recently…

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Some knowledge about DVD you should Know

Life-span of a DVD If the DVD is stored properly, it can be stored at most 50 years to 300 years. However, DVD is vulnerable staff and can easily get scratches or damages on it when they are in use. So you should copy your DVD to other play for backup to avoid bad things happen to them. Here is a recommended DVD ripper for you to easily rip DVDs. DVD video clips Many DVDs have amount of video clips within the…

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