According to the research company Recon Analytics, the average people phone is replaced every 18 months; and when a person gets himself a new phone, he tends not to erase his phone to prevent your private information exposing to other people as few people realize the importance of the protection of privacy at present. For example, Hollywood actress pornographic incident in 2014 offers us a lesson about privacy protection; thus later in life we should pay more attention to individual privacy protection and prevent our private information exposing to other people facet by facet.


This article mainly talks about how to securely erase iPhone so that the private content stored on iPhone can be safely deleted instead of someday exposing to other people. Ok, let’s just cut to the chase, directly follow the tutorial to remove all your data on your previous iPhone in security. As iPhone does not support memory expansion, what all you should do to securely erase the iPhone is removing your SIM card, backing up the useful data stored and emptying the internal storage of the old iPhone!

Here is how:

1: Take the SIM card Out to clear old contacts and call logs on IPhone
As is known to all, generally most of the data of iPhone is saved on the internal storage but the contacts or call logs are always kept on the SIM card. To be safe, we had better take our SIM card out before selling the old iPhone.

2: Back up your Useful and Important Data Stored on iPhone
It believes that there exists some things that we do not want to delete like a commemorative photo, email or text…, just make a copy of them via iCloud and make sure your Apple ID is log off.

3: Use Bulit-in Erase all Content option to Empty the Internal Storage
For iPhone, it is quite easy to restore factory settings as there exists a built-in options allows iPhone user to securely erase the iPhone with clearing up all your data stored on the iPhone. Go to settings, open up “General” >> “Reset” >> “Erase all Content and Settings “in turn and enter your passcode to clean up internal storage.

4: Recheck your IPhone to Ensure all the data is Deleted
At last, please check your iPhone again to make sure that all the data (especially the contacts, photos, and texts) is deleted safely. Do not worry whether the deleted data can be recovery, “Erase all Content and Settings” enables overwrite all of your data with random information to prevent it from being recovery.