There are certain heart sinking moments when we realize that someone had accidently deleted our Microsoft excel file or you have been the victim of power failure or windows crash.  Hours of hard work seem wasted and you are unable to do anything. If you are also experiencing the same situation, then don’t lose hope because there are several ways that may help you to recover your unsaved or deleted Microsoft excel document in no time.


How to do excel recovery:

Microsoft excel is a popular spreadsheet application that is widely used by individuals or business owners frequently. The application helps to keep the records of various transactions and manage data’s like balance sheet, human resource data, calender, product list, schedules and much more. It is a common practice that people accidentally delete their files or close the document without saving the file. Moreover, many people believe that a deleted file means A DEAD END. Or there is no chance of possible recovery, but there are luckily some tips and tricks that can restore the old version of your document.

Recover Excel document through back up or Auto recover version:

Most people are unaware with the fact that, Microsoft office by default saves a backup of your file from time to time. If you experience a power failure or windows crash, chances are, you may be able to find your backup file in the excel program list. All you need to do is just open the windows search option (that you can find by going to the “start menu” then click “search”) and type the name of the file (example “balance sheet.xlx”).

You will see your document in the list of files, but if you don’t find your document stay calm. You can also recover your file by using unsaved workbook links.

1: Open your Microsoft excel application and click “open other workbooks” option.

2: Now select the “recover Unsaved Workbook links” by going at the bottom of the next screen.

3: A small dialogue box will open, search for your deleted or unsaved file.

4: You may identify your file by remembering the last modified date in case if you don’t save it. Select your file and start working.  It’s as simple as 123..!

Recover Excel document from recycle Bin:

Usually all files that we delete (whether intentionally or unintentionally) will go to the recycle bin. Most of the times, a deleted excel file can be easily restored from there.

1: Just open the recycle bin from your desktop screen.

2: Type your file name in the search bar, if you don’t remember the file name just sort out the documents by “date deleted” or “file extension”.   It will narrow down your search and help you get your file back.

3: When you got your file “select” it and restore it to its original destination.

Some important tips to consider while recovering your Microsoft Excel document:

The above mentioned methods are effective to recover your deleted documents, but in case if you can’t find your document through these way’s we recommend you to use free 3rd party recovery tools such as FreeUnDeleted, PC inspector or Recuva.

If you have deleted a file try to restore it as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the chances of recovery remain reduced.

If you are using windows 8, there is a file backup tool that can automatically store the files from various locations. You need to enable the tool by going to the settings as the Microsoft does not activate it by default.

Of Course, you can also directly seek help from a paid Excel Recovery software. If you like, Try Abstradrome Office Regenerator.