Whether it is a business meeting or a college classroom, PowerPoint presentations are popular for presenting valuable information, learning material and other important insights in an intuitive way. However, there may be times when you encounter a sudden delete of your PPT presentation or lose your well designed presentation because of computer problem, system format or error operation. It may be a great disaster for a person whose job and career is at risk. If you are going through the same scenario, please don’t panic because we are presenting you some free ways to recover your deleted PPT file on windows.


How to do a PPT recovery on windows:

PowerPoint presentations are widely used by officers, business owners, teachers, students or other key professionals for a number of reasons. It is a fact that incident can happen at any time and bring an unpleasant situation. You may realize that you’ve accidently press “Ctrl+delete” and you have lost hours of hard work. What you are going to do now? First of all always remember that whether it is a PPT or any other Microsoft document – you can restore it without much trouble. The following ways can help you to overcome the situation.

Recover Unsaved PPT files:

The following ways can help you to restore your unsaved PPT document.
Open your PowerPoint application. Go the file option and click “Recent”.
A small dialogue box will open containing the list of recently edited or worked files.
On the bottom right you will see an option “recover unsaved presentations”.  The folder contains all the temporary unsaved files.
Click on it and search for your document. Once you find you can restore it on any location.
Do remember that TMP folder automatically delete all files within 2 3 days, so make sure you restore PPT files back before it can wipe out your presentation.

Recover Deleted PPT Files:

In windows everything you delete first goes into the recycle bin which makes the recovery quite simple and easy. If you have recently lost your PPT then it’s more likely to present in your recycle bin. Just go to your desktop and click on the recycle bin “a dustbin type looking icon”. Type the name of your file in the top left search box. If you don’t remember the name just sort out the files by the file types “.PPT”. You can also sort the files by the recent date which can narrow down your search. Now look for your file and restore back to its original location. It’s simple, easy and time saving.

Recover PowerPoint presentation using recovery tools:

PowerPoint comes with a “default recovery tool” that stores your all PPT files. Chances are, you can get your document back by using this easy method. But you have to hunt your document from the hard drive. If searching may overwhelm you or you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to waste on exploring the so many files then we recommend you to download the free PowerPoint recovery software. It can retrieve or restore the all PPT deleted or unsaved files. It can also help to recover the PPT files that were inaccessible due to virus attack or power failure.

Of Course, you can also directly seek help from a paid PPT Recovery software. If you like, Try Abstradrome Office Regenerator.