So you have a brand new phone today in your hands and you want to sell the old one. Before thinking about finding someone who will be interested to purchase your old mobile phone, it is important to pay attention to what is on it. A smartphone is typically used to store some important information. It can be used to access your email, your financial details, contact information and photos which are all things that you do not want to fall into wrong hands.

Perhaps, you might be thinking of a factory reset and that is certainly a great idea. But, it might not be enough at all times.  It is simply because there are certain software programs that are able to recover deleted files on your phone. So what you should do then? Find it out today in this page.



Factory Reset – How Does It Work?

When you carry out a factory reset with your Android smartphone, it is supposed to erase everything that you saved in its memory, but it does not work that way actually. It deletes the addresses of your data but it does not overwrite the data actually. Since that is the case, it might be possible for somebody to employ off the shelf recovery software and then have some data restored. The following steps will help you to correctly erase all data stored on your device:

#1: The first thing that you should do is encrypting the data. This option can be found on your device and it requires you to enter a password or PIN each time that you turn on your phone. It simply means that anybody who attempts to recover the deleted data from your phone, he will have to us a special key so as to have the data decrypted and he will never have that key.

#2: It is important to keep your phone charging or have it fully charged when you carry out this procedure as it could take several hours to complete, depending on how much data stored on the device.


The exact method to navigate this particular step would slightly differ from one unit to another. You have the choice to encrypt your memory card also, but when your decision is to sell your phone then you should remove the card instead. If your phone runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above then the data will be encrypted by default and so you could skip going to the next section.

Factory Reset Protection or FRP

Google has introduced the FRP or Factory Reset Protection in Android 5.0 Lollipop to provide more security for the device that runs under this software version. It has been specifically designed to prevent thieves from stealing your phone, wipe it and use or sell the device. If you factory reset the phone while this feature is enabled and you attempt to set the unit as a brand new device, you would be prompted to enter the username and the password for the recent Google account which was registered on your device. If you don’t have the details needed then your unit will remain locked and your access to it will be denied. So you should never forget your account details to avoid such kind of problem.

Factory Reset Your Phone

Ensure that you have everything that you don’t want to be deleted when you factory reset your phone because doing so will wipe out all and you may not be able to recover them after. Once done, you can go on and start announcing that your unit is for sale.