dvd_to_iphone7You just bought an iPhone 7(Plus) and would like to watch your DVDs on its bright, colorful display? Let Pavtube ByteCopy help you realize the goal. Pavtube ByteCopy DVD converter specially designed to rip any DVD, be it unencrypted or locked by region codes and strict copy protection schemes, to almost all kinds of playback devices such as IOS/Android/Windows Phone and Pad, Even for virtual reality headsets and game console etc. Below is the simple guide of convert DVDs/Blu-rays to digital videos with Pavtube ByteCopy in the appropriate format for your iPhone 7(Plus).

Step #1 – Directly download the trial-version Pavtube ByteCopy here and then install it on a computer that comes with a DVD or Blu-ray drive.

Step #2 – Insert the DVD/Blu-ray disc into DVD or Blu-ray drive.












Step #3 – Launch Pavtube ByteCopy, press the “Load file(s)” button and select the letter of your optical drive, then the program will start scanning the inserted DVD/Blu-ray disc and load the media data from the disc if it can defeat the DVD/Blu-ray protections.

Step #4 – Hit the “Format:” drop-down menu. In the menu box that opens, you can choose a Common Video format, HD Video format, 3D Video format, or Multi-track Video format (formats that can hold multiple video/audio/subtitle streams) for output.


Apart from re-encoding your DVD/Blu-ray to a digital container format, you also have the option of copying your DVD/Blu-ray to hard drive as DVD folder (Video_TS) with the exactly same quality preserved.

Step #5 – Click the “Browse” button and select a proper output file path, then hit the “Convert” button to start converting. That’s all!