Editors’ Note: Firstly, here let me underscore that the factor that affects the speed of ripping a Bl-ray most is the Blu-ray Ripper itself and other factors like computer performance, the original file properties, the output settings and computer environment etc.can affect the Blu-ray ripping speed but have no significant effect on. I’ve tested, analyzed and summarized some useful tips and information regarding Blu-ray Ripping speeds and the tips or information I collected is just for the people who had already purchased a Blu-ray Ripper. Instead, if you’re considering buying a Blu-ray ripper, leave these tips and information alone and click here to buy the outstanding Pavtube Blu-ray ripper as an excellent Blu-ray ripper overrode all the tips and information I listed.


#1: Update Firmware

Generally, in order to prevent Blu-rays owners from ripping and copying movies on Blu-rays for commercial use, BD-ROM makers limit Blu-ray ripping speed of their drives. If you have strong handy skills, break the BD-ROM speed limits via downloading an updated or hacked firmware for your drive. That’s all.

#2: Set the priority of Blu-ray ripper to High

As is known to all, our computer assigns a priority to a program installed on it. For example, Microsoft Office 2016 has a higher priority than any other no-Microsoft software and as a result, when you are using Microsoft Office 2016, it can get a generous helping of processor time out of your computers busy schedule. Therefore, set the priority of Blu-ray Ripper to high to speed up the Blu-ray ripping.

#3: GPU encoding can also accelerate the conversion speed

It is no doubt that the conversion of Blu-ray ripping and converting is a process of decoding and re-encoding and decoding and re-encoding always are a very time consuming process. However, With the help of GPU (graphics processing unit), the speed of Blu-ray ripping can be accelerated by 3- 5 times faster, especially on a old computer.

#4: Set your Blu-ray ripper to “use all cores Option”

We can increase Blu-ray ripping and converting speed by taking full use of an I5 or I7 multi-core processor. Go and check your Blu-ray ripper to see whether it has an option that allows set it to use all cores while working. It needs to be said that some Blu-ray Rippers support use all cores Option while some do not.

#5: Update ASPI Layers and make fresh Install of IDE controller

Just be bold in doing a update of ASPI layers to get a higher Blu-ray conversion speed as it will not damage the computer. And then uninstall the IDE controller and install it again to ensure a fresh in stallion of IDE controller before doing a Blu-ray ripping and converting. That’s all!

In addition, tips #1, #2 and #4 should be to do carefully as they are all intense operations but very useful for a person who has a good handy skills to speed up a Blu-ray ripper. If you are lack of practical ability, leave that alone to avoiding do harm to your BD-ROM or computer. That’s all!