If ever you have purchased an eBook from Amazon, you might have heard that it basically comes with a proprietary DRM which best fits into the platform. In this regard, the best way for you to read eBook on Amazon on an app or device is to strip the DRM. Even though it may be difficult, it may still prove to be a simple process.

The very first thing required is to strip the DRM from eBooks. Install the Kindle for personal computer program found on your PC including the program known as Calibre. This is found to be a valuable tool to help manage your eBook library. There must also have a DRM-removing plugin intended for Calibre which will usually take you about ten seconds to install.

Once everything has been set up, you will now be required to import the Kindle ebooks into the Calibre. Now, the plug-in will strip the DRM automatically. You may utilize Calibre in the conversion of eBooks into formats like ePub. This way, you can read on any eBook reading app or reader.


Remove Kindle DRM──Guide

As per the directions below, remember that these are still applicable when using a Windows 7 PC. These will also work with other Windows versions, including Mac versions. However, the directions that will be followed will still vary from the ones below.

#1- The very first thing that must be done is to have Calibre and Kindle for personal computer installed on your computer. This is in the case that you still not have them installed.

  • Kindle for PC (It is suggested of you to use this version and not the application for Windows 8.)
  • Calibre

It is also essential to take note that there is no need to make use of Kindle for personal computer or for Mac programs. This is also if you do not approve of using it. You may as well opt for a download eBook option from the account you have in Amazon. This way, you can get your eBooks onto your computer.

#2 Download the package for DRM Removal Tools

Download the package from DRM Removal Tools and download the zip file. You may as well check for the document of “ReadMe_First for more instructions.

#3 Install the DRM-Removal Plugin for Kindle into Calibre

In doing this, you need to first open the Calibre and choose “Preferences” located on the right and on the top.

From the window of Preferences, choose for “Plugins” including “Load plugin from file”. You may continue browsing to where you have unzipped the DRM removal tools. Choose the folder for “DeDRM_calibre_plugin and the zip file inside.

With the security dialogue that pops up, click Yes in order for you to proceed. After you have installed the plugin, you may now close the Calibre. You may also restart it.

#4 Strip the DRM from eBooks/Kindle eBooks

Import them directly into Calibre by making use of feature called “Add books”. In this process, it actually happens right after import. If you already have books loaded into the Calibre, this will still not work unless you have deleted them and imported them again.

In all these, it is still essential to download the eBook you intend to remove the DRM from utilizing the Kindle for personal computer program. It will also depend on the OS of your computer wherein the files are stored.

Now, you have learned how to strip DRM from eBooks/Kindle ebooks!