Generally all Android phones have some built-in applications when they are out of the factory, but the some of those built-in apps are rarely used by the majority of users. Also these apps will take up many space of the phone So it has been many people’s wish to uninstall or delete those not often used apps. However, these applications are built into the firmware of Android phone and there is no option for you to uninstall them even though you find these applications in the System Manager. So what should we do now?


In fact, it is not difficult to uninstall these applications. We’ll explain in detail how to do that. Let’s take Samsung I9000 as an example:

Here is how to:

1. If you want to delete the default apps on your Android phone, you have to get root permission first. So here we’ll need to get Samsung I9000 rooted. Install the root explorer which is a file manager onto your Android phone, and then open root explorer (if it is your first time to drive it, a window will pop up to request to gain root permission. please click allow). Navigate to system app directory.

2. Under this directory, you will see a lot of apk and odex files which are the software that we can select and delete. In order to avoid system problems, please make sure the deleted files are not need and won’t affect the system. For example, you shouldn’t delete applicationsProvider.apk, CertInstaller.apk, ContactsProvider.apk, PackageInstaller.apk, Phone.apk, Settings.apk, etc. Or your phone will not work normally.

3. If you want to delete APK files, please delete the corresponding odex files too. For example, if you want to delete VpnServices.apk, you need also to delete VpnServices.odex. Do not forget to delete some data files that come with the software. Since the software has been deleted, the relevant data files become useless. Deleting them will save memory space, too.

4. When the deleting task is done, you can restart the phone. Go on to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications. Then you will see a bunch of softwares. Then, at this time please uninstall them one by one. Until now, the Android phone has completely uninstall the unnecessary built-in applications and you can see that the operation is very easy.