Digital Versatile Disc, or commonly and well-known called by many as DVD is a digital optical disc storage that is invented, developed and improved by Sony, Philips, Panasonic and Toshiba in 1995. DVD has the ability to store any types of digital data. It is also widely used for the software, as well as computer files and video programs that are watched using a DVD player. Moreover, it offers a higher storage capacity compared to the compact discs while manifesting the same dimensions.


That is why; DVD is preferred by many than the other options available when storing pictures, music, and other files. Aside from the fact that it can, it can last a lot of years, it also guarantees the benefits, which you can read below.

DVD Can Give a Better Picture Quality

When using DVD, you can take advantage of the picture quality. It contains digital data on the topical disc having approximately five-hundred lines of horizontal resolution, the important figure for high-definition tvs of today. When it comes to this aspect, DVD is preferred by many than VCR, as VCR has only 240 lines of horizontal resolution, which is apparently less than a half of DVD. That is why, with DVD, you can view the details two folds better than what VCR can give.

One of the most compared medium for storage is VHS. VHS is an analog technology that records the data on a magnetic tape. However, while time passes, the tape is stressed while passing through the metal heads and the rollers. After manifolds of viewing, the images are degraded, so the quality of the picture is affected. Alternatively, VDV is better because it is read by the beam of light. It is also protected using its case. DVD’s can last up to 30 to 100 years when it is taken good care away from liquids.

DVD Can Give a Better Sound

In the field of sound, apparently, DVD is better to use, as it is superior to sound system, which is produced with the technology of movie theater. DVD is including six channel competing Digital Theater Sound surround and Dolby Digital sound. If the audio in the system is not obtained yet, you still have a chance to achieve a better audio quality. Just feed the DVD sound over the stereo system, or on the speakers of your television. On the other hand, if you use VHS, it can only come up with four-channel Dolby sound, which is already its best.

DVD Has Higher Storage Capacity

When using VHS, you are just having a chance to watch movies not more than two hours. On the other hand, DVD has the higher capacity, which will offer you not just one movie, but a lot. Therefore, you can have a lot of options on watching what movie you want to watch.

Today, there are lots of added features you can find of using DVDs. If you are looking for better picture quality, better sound, and higher storage capacity, DVD is the right option. DVD gives you a good reason to entertain yourself more.