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A Fast, Simple and Easy Video/Movie Editing Software

by Edwin Liu | October 3, 2013 15:18 PM
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Your computer stores a lot of videos and pictures taken by your digital camera, camcorder or mobile device, so you want to make a polished movie to share with your family and friends or get a million views on Youtube. When you are going to start to edit your raw video footage on your PC, you may encounter such a problem: the WMM (Windows Movie Maker) that comes with the Windows operating system is too simple to meet your advanced video editing requirements, while the video editor software that have professional editing features like Adobe Premiere Elements, SonyVegas, etc are too complex, so that you need to spend a lot of time learning how to use them.

To solve this problem, this article offers a fast, simple and easy video editing software named Wondershare Video Editor (directly download link). It lets you do these:

  • Trim video’s length & split a whole video file into many short clips.
  • Rotate video; Adjust video’s contrast/saturation/brightness/hue; Speed up/slow down video; Crop video’s frame.
  • Overlay text/filter effect/PIP(picture in picture)/graphic art/intro/credit for a set amount of time. All the attached things are editable.
  • Add 50 dynamic transitions between videos.
  • Detach audio from video; Replace the soundtrack in a video with your own voiceover or other audio track.

In the following part of this article, I will show you how to access and use these basic video editing features mentioned above. You will see this program’s intuitive interface, well-organized menus and simple workspace. I believe that even though you have no experience in video editing field, you can still understand this video editing program’s operation logic and process quickly.

Note, Wondershare Video Edior also comes with a number of special editing features such as scene change detection, close-up view, jump cut, mosaic, tilt shift, etc. Here’s another article I wrote before showing you how to make a cool video with these special features.


Step 1. Free download and install Wondershare Video Editor. After that, run this program and import your media files.

You can import videos & audios & pictures through two simple and convenient ways:

  1. Click “Import” button to select media files from your computer file folders.
  2. Directly drag the needed files into Media library.

Of course, you are also allowed to capture new videos with a connected camera device by clicking the “Record” button. After all the files are loaded, you should drag and drop them to the Video Timeline at the bottom of the window. (To help you better manage many files at one time, you can drag the slide bar to adjust the view size of the Timeline.)

Step 2. Edit your videos

Click “Edit” button or double click any video in the Timeline to do the editing. In this step, you can correct the rotation of the video image, adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness, hue, speed up or slow down the video playing speed, and crop the video image size.

You can also adjust the video length by Split and Trim function. To split the whole video into short clips, you can move the slider to any position where you want to  split on the video Timeline. Then click on the Split button which is showed as a scissors icon, or right click the video to select Split option.

To Trim the video, you need to place your mouse on the right or left edge of the video Timeline. When the ‘double arrow’ indicator appears, move it to your desired length  and then release your mouse to trim it.

Step 3. Add effects to your videos

Besides the common edit tools, you are also provided many effects to choose.

  • Add Text
    You can add titles to describe your videos by click “Text” button, then choose a title style you like and drag it to the Timeline to apply. You can double click it to edit the content, set font, color, animation and change the text position.
  • Add Filter Effect
    Click on “Effect” button and select your desired one from over 50 visual effects. Then apply it by drag and drop it in the Timeline. If the present effects are not enough, you can download more fresh effects by clicking the Download which is on the top of the interface.
  • Add PIP Effect
    PIP is short for Picture-in-Picture. It is an effect to add an additional video clip or a picture into or next to the main video. You can use this effect to show your narration of the action in the main video, or make a contrast of the main video and the additional video, or just enrich the video images.

    To add this effect, you can choose your favorite items in the PIP tab or drag the imported video/picture to the PIP Timeline. Then double click on the PIP items in Timeline to personalize it with Motion, Mask and Effect by clicking Advanced button.

  • Add Transition
    Transition effects are applied between video clips. They can make the transitions of video chapters more fluent, interesting and attractive. Hit on Transition tab, select a transition effect and drag it to the Timeline to add it between your video clips or photos. You can right click the selected transition to choose to Apply to All or Random to All.
  • Add Intro/Credit
    With this program, you can put an introduction of your video at the beginning or between chapters, or make a credit to express your thanks and feelings at the end of the video. Just hit the Intro/Credit button, then drag your favorite intro/credit to Timeline. As the intro/credit is just the combination of a photo and a title, so you can edit it like editing photos and titles by right clicking the picture and text in Timeline.
  • Add Sound Effect
    To add some interesting sounds to your video, just click the Sound button, then choose one sound file and drag it to Timeline. If want to change the original audio, you can rip it from your video and replace it with another audio by using the “Audio Detach” tool. Or even record a voiceover with your microphone by clicking the “Record a voiceover” icon and apply it to show your own voice in videos.

Step 4. Save your edited video

After all the editings are completed, you can preview your video first, then click Create button to select an output format and a destination folder for your video. In addition, you can choose presets and set the video configurations if you want to play on handy devices, or directly share the videos to YouTube and Facebook on this program, or even burn them to a DVD disc for backup. When finished, hit on Create button, and in several minutes you can enjoy your exquisite home-made movie.

All the above operations are easy to go! So, just download it and begin to create your own home-made movie right now!