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An Easy Way for You to Download Songs from Pandora

by Edwin Liu | December 26, 2013 17:06 PM
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As an amazing music streaming and automated music recommendation service, Pandora Internet Radio (also called Pandora Radio or Pandora) provides users with unlimited free songs for users’ enjoying them online. It is reported that Pandora has more than 800,000 tracks from 80,000 artists in its library and over 150 million users in 2012. Those are big numbers, aren’t they? If you are a Pandora music fan, would you like to download Pandora songs to your hard drive or other devices for offline listening? I bet you do.

However, as we know that Pandora doesn’t provide download option for the free music it applies and the free songs it offers also include some annoying ads. But here you are provided an easy method to rip music from Pandora and also let you remove the ads in the music. All you need is this tool – Leawo Music Recorder. It can record Pandora radio stations and automatically split the long recording into separate tracks. And the Ads contained in radio stations will be removed automatically.

Directly download Leawo Music Recorder here and follow the guide to learn how to use it to record tracks from Pandora.

  1. Close any programs that may make irrelevant sounds on your PC. Because Leawo Music Recorder identifies and adds music tags like title, artist, album, genre, etc to the recordings by the melody, the irrelevant sounds will affect this function.
  2. Install and open this Pandora music ripper.
  3. On the main interface, click on the upside-down triangle at the top-right of the screen, and then Settings to open Control panel, then you will see the option “Automatically filter, only save tracks longer than () seconds”, type a value depending on the duration of the Ads contained in Pandora radio station and click OK to save it. This can prevent Ads from being saved in recording process.

  4. After that, click "" icon to get ready the software to star record Pandora music. This button is also the Pause button. Press it again, the recording process stops.
  5. Start playing songs in the custom radio station you created at Pandora, and this program will record them immediately.
  6. After the recording finishes, the software will automatically save Pandora music to MP3 file. Hit Media button on the bottom of the interface, and you can find the already downloaded Pandora songs there.

It is an awesome program, right? So what are you waiting for? Just download and try it. More nice features are waiting to be discovered by you.


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