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Apply a Mosaic Effect to Videos/Pictures with Ease

by Edwin Liu | October 9, 2013 14:16 PM
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You have captured a family video to record the happy moments and want to share it online. But some of your family members don’t want strangers to see them. So what would you like to do? Want to send a photo to your friend. Unfortunately, it contains something private that you don’t want to show him. While, how do you protect your privacy?

Actually, these problems are very easy to over come. You just need to cover the improper image or private information with mosaic, then all the annoyances are disappeared. However, many people still don’t know how to add mosaic to videos and pictures. So today in this article you will be taught how to apply this useful effect to your videos and pictures with the easiest method.

Just follow the below four-step tutorial to start creating a simple mosaic video/picture:

Step 1. Free download Wondershare Video Editor here. Then install and launch it in your computer. Wondershare Video Editor is a fast, simple and easy-to-use software which can help you complete your video editing with all basic and special effects and to turn an ordinary video to a unique one in just several clicks.

Step 2. Load your media files. Click "Import" to browse your file folder, or drag and drop the videos and pictures to the Media library directly. Then you need to drag them to the Video Timeline.

Step 3. Add a mosaic effect.

  1. Right click the video clip or the picture in the Timeline, and select “Power Tool” option from the menu. Or you can directly hit on the “Power Tool” button which is above the Timeline.
  2. In the Power Tool window, you are provided four advanced editing effects: Tilt-Shift, Mosaic, Face Off and Jump Out at Beats. Click on Mosaic and check “Apply Mosaic to the clip”, then hit on Add button. Now a mosaic area appears on the clip. You can move it to the desire position and drag the yellow frame to adjust the size of it. Or through adjusting the Percent slide bar to get the best mosaic effect you want. When finished, just click OK to save your editing.

Step 4. Save your mosaic video. Click Create to enter the Output interface. Hit on the Format tab to choose a output format and a destination folder for your mosaic video. Or you can upload it to the YouTube and Facebook for sharing on this program directly!