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2013 Christmas Gift Idea for Teenage Girls and Boys

by Edwin Liu | December 19, 2013 17:37 PM
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2013 Christmas is coming very soon and I’d like to say “Merry Christmas” in advance to all of you. For those children or teenagers, Christmas can be regarded as the most expected holiday of the year, because they can get their most wanted Christmas present sent by “Santa”. If you are one of those teenagers, what’s your wish list? If you are the parents of the boys or girls, what would you get for your teenage daughters or sons? Do not have any good idea? Well, don’t worry! Here you are provided the most popular 2013 Christmas gift ideas for teenage boys and girls.

Note: Those results are obtained from a brief research by me on Yahoo Answers.

  1. Apple Products
  2. Apple products are really popular and are among the top Christmas gift on both teenager boys and girls wish list in 2013, especially this year just released iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, iPad mini with retina display. Other Apple devices like iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod, MacBook Pro etc are also on teenage girls and boys most wanted presents for Christmas.

  3. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U mainly for teenage boys
  4. As we know that boys love video game, so there is no doubt that the 2013 new released PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U are of the most favorite Christmas gift. If you have a son and love playing video games, it’s a pretty good idea to buy them one game console. You also can purchase several video game DVDs she like. I bet he must be very happy to have these presents.

  5. Gift Cards
  6. Many teenage boys and girls would like to accept gift card as Christmas present, because gift cards will give them chances to select anything they really like. For parents, you can save their time and energy from guessing what your children would like. Gift cards are also among many teenagers’ wish list for Christmas this year. Here a list of gift cards they like:

    • iTunes gift cards
    • Google Play cards
    • Xbox or Minecraft gift cards
    • GameStop cards
    • Amazon gift cards
    • Food gift cards like Chipotle and McDonald’s, etc.
  7. Movie DVDs or TV show DVDs or concert DVDs
  8. Receiving the most favorite movie DVDs or DVDs of TV shows or concert DVDs as 2013 Christmas presents, your sons or daughters will certainly be happy. They then can enjoy their favorite videos over and over again. If you are the parents, please make sure it is your children’s favorite DVDs before buying them.

  9. Other popular Christmas gift for teenage girls
  10. Everyone has the heart of beauty, especially for girls. So as parents, you can buy some ornaments like jewelry, perfume, skin care products, watch, phone case, UGG boots, coat, etc. are also good choices. I guess every girl loves such things. But there are some exceptional ones, so if your children have other special favorite staff, you can get what they want.

  11. Other favorite 2013 Xmas gifts for teenage boys
  12. Most boys like games, either outdoor game like football, basketball, soccer, etc. or video games like mentioned before. So you can get them sport related staff, like whatever ball he likes, jersey, racket, etc. Boys also like toys like airplane model, tank model, or the favorite figure of a charter he likes very much. Books and a watch are also pretty good choices.

After reading those 2013 Christmas gift idea for both teen boys and girls, you probably already have some options. Or as parents, you much know what to get for your daughters or sons. So cheers and Merry Christmas, again!


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