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Password Protecting Your Private Videos(.mp4/.avi/.mkv/.dv/.avchd/.mod)

by Edwin Liu | Septermber 13, 2014 18:03 PM
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Let’s say you have some sensitive video downloads or video shots on your computer hard drive, to prevent persons of your acquaintance from unintentionally seeing them or hackers from stealing them, you decide to lock the videos with a password. The WinRAR comes with a data encryption feature, however it requires the compression of the files before adding a password. When you have a large number of video files to encrypt, the encrypting process will be cumbersome and time-consuming. In addition, the encrypted RAR files do not have the anti-deletion feature.

Given this, I recommend Folder Lock 7 which is a simple, quick, and great-securitied file encryption software to you.

When you use Folder Lock 7 to password protect your private videos, you just need to create one or more lockers in order to store important files/folders, then open the locker you created and simply drag and drop your video downloads (.mp4/.mkv/.avi/.rmvb) or video shots (.dv/.mts/.m2ts/.mod) in it.

The locker uses AES encryption algorithm which is chosen as the standard of information protection by U.S. federal government to protect videos stored in it. The length of the encryption key is the maximum 256 bits, meaning it will take an expected 2^255 guesses to guess the key. If you set a 11-digit password including both letters and numbers for your locker, it will take hackers at least years or decades to crack the locker password, never mind ordinary people.

The lockers containing your videos can not be deleted by others who don’t know the locker password. In addition, Folder Lock 7 allows you to convert your lockers to portable self-executable applications, then you can move them to other computers, NAS devices, Network mapped drives, etc and execute them by entering the correct password to access your videos.

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