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How to Add Cool Effects to Your Videos

by Edwin Liu | October 6, 2013 9:01 AM
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Are you already weary of the ordinary video editing effects? Do you need some fresh and cool effects to make your video unique and absorbing? Or you need some advanced editing effects to cover your private information and highlight the someone in your video? Oh, if you have such demands, why not use Wondershare Video Editor?!

Wondershare Video Editor, does not like some complex traditional video editing software. It not only can meet your basic editing requirements, but also provides some cool effects for you to achieve your special requirements. What’s more, it’s really a simple video editor. “Simple” does not mean it can only deal with some simple tasks, but means that it can make all the complicated and time-consuming video edits to very fast and simple operations!

Now follow me to see how this video editor will add special and cool effects to your videos in a rather easy way!

  1. Free download Wondershare Video Editor. Install and run it in your PC.
  2. Import your videos by clicking Import button, or drag and drop it to the Media library. Then drag them to the Video Timeline.
  3. Then you can do some basic editing on your video. Such as trimming, cropping, rotating, or add Title, PIP, Transition, Sound effects to videos. (Click here to know some specific operation steps about basic editing functions.)
  4. After finished the basic editing, now you can add more cool effects to your videos. Right click the video and select Power Tool option from the menu, or just hit on the "" Power Tool icon which is above the Timeline.
  5. Then the Power Tool window will pop up to you. In this window, you can choose to add cool effects like Tilt-Shift, Mosaic, Face off or Jump Cut at Beats to the video.
    • If you want to create the illusion of miniaturization, making the video seem as if it is shooting a model set and not real life, you can apply Tilt-Shift effect. To produce such effect outside cideo editor, you may need an expensive camera and more expensive lens. But Wondershare Video Editor solves this problem easily for you. To apply this effect, you can check the Apply Tilt-Shift to the clip, then select and adjust the size and rang of the area you want to apply this effect.
    • If you don’t want show some private information to others, you can cover the mosaic on these places. Simply click on Mosaic tab and check the Apply Mosaic to clip, then hit the Add button. You can decide the mosaic covering rang by adjusting the yellow frame in the below picture.
    • The same method to apply Face Off function. But here you are provided several funny faces to choose. Just click on your favourite one, then it will appear on the faces in videos. With this function, you can make your videos more active and interesting.
    • When applying Jump Cut at Beats effect, you are allowed to adjust the Jump time length and Play duration by moving the slide bar. Don’t forget to click OK button to save your editings.
  6. When all the effect editings are completed, you can preview your cool video first. Then click Create button to set the output format for your video and save it to any where you want. After finished, hit on Create icon. Of course, you can choose to burn it to DVD for backup or upload it to YouTube and Facebook for sharing directly!

Really a cool video editor! Don’t miss it and give it a try now!