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Overall Information of DVD that a DVD movie lover should know

by Edwin Liu | April 05, 2015 19:11 PM
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Although DVD is quite an old stuff, some green hands still have the need to learn something about DVD. So here some useful information of DVD is provided for your reference. Here you go!

1: What is DVD?

DVD was short for Digital Video Disk when it just came out, because it was only used to play videos. But now it is called Digital Versatile Disk, since DVD has been widely used for audio playback, files storage and many other aspects. In summary, DVD is a new generation of optical disk storage technology. It is more advanced than CD and has a larger capacity.

Gathered the features of audiovisual entertainment and computer multimedia, DVD is the first media that possesses the high quality interactive really. Although VCD also has the elementary interactive, it can not compare with DVD on the aspects of voice, picture and interactive.

2: What hardware should you buy when playing DVD discs?

What you need is only a DVD player. Connect it to your home TV, then you can enjoy DVD films. However, if you want to experience the DVD excellent quality of sound and pictures, then you will need to buy good audiovisual equipments to give assistance. You can also play DVD on your computer. But you have to install a DVD drive and download particular DVD player software to computer.

3: What advantages does DVD have?

Compared with Video Tape, VCD and LD, DVD has provided more excellent pictures and voice. Its image resolution reaches as high as 500 (Video Tape only has 250), and it can provide multichannel stereo sound. Besides, since the improvement of storage capacity, DVD still has extra spaces to store some special content, such as the interview fragments of directors and stars, multi-language pronunciation, interactive menu, and different subtitles. All these are what the Video Tape, VCD and LD unable to do.

4: What is DVD Region Code?

Generally speaking, one film always has different release time in different countries. For example, it may first show on in America in spring, then summer in Japan and then autumn in Europe. So if one film appears advanced in a region, which is should not be released in this season, and then the film’s box office income will reduce greatly. So in order to protect the profit of film distributors and theatre chain, the Motion Picture Association of America and Consumer Electronics Association led by the Big Eight of Hollywood movie studios required the DVD Forum to put region code on DVD discs and also add region code recognition system to DVD players. In this way, only when the recognition system recognizes the region code on a DVD disc, the DVD player can normally play the DVD. But recently some DVD ripping software can disable the region code and convert DVD for playback on other devices like tablets, laptop, phones, etc.

5: What are the main features of DVD films?

  • High quality video frequencies which adopt MPEG-2 standard, pictures are more clear and real than those of VCD and Video Tape.
    Support image formats such as 4:3 full screen, 4:3PS, 16:9 Anamorphic, etc.
    Support as many as 8 tracks of digital audio and 32 subtitles. You can select English, Chinese, France and other languages as dubbing and caption freely.
    Each track can have as many as eight sound channels depending on which can realize the real surrounded sound field.
    Seamless switch videos automatically. You can choose different editing versions to play from one film.
    Have menu and interactive.
    Quick search according to titles, chapters, and time.

6: What are D5, D9, D10 and D18?

D5, short for DVD-5, is Single Side Single Layer. The biggest capacity of it is 4.7G. It stores data on one side and prints characters or patterns on other side.
D9, short for DVD-9, is Single Side Double Layer. The capacity of it is up to 8.5G. It also stores data on one side and prints characters or patterns on the other side.
D10, short for DVD-10, is Double Side Single Layer. Its biggest capacity reaches 9.7G. Both of its two sides store data.
DVD18, short for DVD-18, is Double Side Double Layer. The biggest capacity of it can reach 17G. It stores data on both of the two sides.

These are some basic DVD knowledge. Really hope you can learn something from the article.