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Easy to Add Sound Effect to Videos

by Edwin Liu | October 30, 2013 11:00 AM
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When we watch movies, we are often impressed by the affecting or powerful background music, and sometimes they even can help us understand more the plot of the movie. Thus we can say that the background music or sounds are really very important when creating movies. So what about applying a cool music to our dull, monotonous home-made video to make it special and interesting? Oh, I’m sure that must will be extremely wonderful! Maybe you are still wondering how we can make it. While don’t worry, I have a good-to-use tool called Wondershare Video Editor which can help us complete the job very well. Now let’s see how it add sounds to video easily:

Step 1: Free download the program Wondershare Video Editor. Install and launch it in your computer.

Here Wondershare Video Editor is recommended to you because it can add audio to video with only a simple drag-n-drop. With it you can add your favorite music to your video as the background audio. Moreover, it allows you to remove the original sound track. Besides, it also has other basic and special editing effects.

Step 2: Import the video. Drag and drop your video files to the Media library. Or you can click Import button to browse folders to load videos. After that, drag the videos to the Video timeline.

Step 3: Add sound effects to the video. Hit on the Sound tab, then you are provided over 30 different sounds effect. Just select a sound you like, click the Play button to hear it. Then drag the selected sound to drop it to the Sound track to apply. Click the sound icon to highlight it, and cover your mouse on it. When a double arrow appears, you can move it to set the beginning time and the end time for the sound effect. Then click Play button to check it.

You are also allowed to edit the sound effect. To do it, just double click the sound icon and adjust the effects such as Speed, Volume, Fade in/out, Pitch as you like.

To remove the original audio, just right click on the video and choose Audio Detach option. You can replace the original one with new music. If you want to record a voiceover, just click on the audio recording button, then hit the Start icon in the popped window to start and stop recording. Before recording, you need to move the red adjust line to your desired position. When finished, click OK button. Then you will see the recording in the timeline.

Step 4: Save the edited video. Click the Create button to enter the Output window. Before this, you can preview the video to make sure it has nothing to improve. Then select a proper output format for your video from the various presets, and choose to save your video to portable devices, computer hard drives, or directly upload o YouTube and Facebook to share with your friends. You are also allowed to set the video parameters to your desired condition. When all these finished, just click the bottom Create icon to start creating. Within only several minutes, it will be completed.


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