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Four major drawbacks of Apple Watch that Let Potential consumers Daunting

by Edwin Liu | April 30, 2015 10:36 PM
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Four major drawbacks of Apple Watch that let potential consumers daunting Since the first day of the sale of Apple Watch, it is considered a perfect wearable product that is worth buying. But in actually, the result is just the opposite, and to this day, Apple Watch holders have found more than ten drawbacks like black tattoo can affect the productivity of heart rate sensor, mobile payment is not handy and tactile feedback engine failure etc. Here I put together a list of universally accepted shortcomings of Apple Watch and if you want an Apple Watch right now, you may as well reading the article before placing an order.

1: It has trouble waking up and the settings of Apple Watch is Onerous

  • As is known to all, Apple Watch provides consumers an intelligent wake-up mode – lifting hand, but it seems that “lifting-hand to wake up” is far less well. “lifting-hand to wake up" does not work properly sometimes, and instead, you must shake your hand vigorously to wake up the Apple Watch. As the prime version of Apple Watch, the rough edges of design inevitable. For example, it needs take a long time to make a pair with iPhone. If you want to connect it with your iPhone 6 for taking a picture, you need match them again and it always takes at less one hours to making a pair. That’s really onerous!

2: The quality of Connection is SOSO and the identify ability of Siri is Poor

  • Admittedly, it is really convenient to make a call with Apple Watch when you are outside, however, the quality of connection is just so-so via Apple Watch and many times it makes the other person on phone feel that there is a little voice and cannot hear clearly. It believes that every Apple Watch user knows that Siri voice input is the best choice for sending a text on Apple Watch. Unfortunately, Siri cannot always recognize your word correctly like some professional terms, nickname.

3: It is Hard to control when the screen is Wet and Mobile payment is not convenient as Apple Pay

  • Generally, the original intention of Apple Watch user is sports, fitness and monitor these data. But Apple Watch is always footless when its screen is wet and this makes many consumers disappointment because it is easy to sweat when taking exercises in summer. In addition, Apple Pay seems also doesn’t work well on Apple Watch and the operation is extremely inconvenient.

4: Few dial interfaces, application availability is limits and short battery Life

  • Although Apple offers a set of dial interfaces like Mitch mouse, honestly, there dial interfaces are fresh but really not practical. The function of custom-dial-interface is not open so far and the choice is relatively limited. For App, most application vendors don’t have a clear understand of Apple Watch, and the function of applications programs is not perfect and many applications still need to use iPhone to achieve its value. Besides, the battery life of Apple Watch is short and it should be charged every night. In other words, you need charge two Apple device a night – The iPhone and the Apple Watch!