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How to Completely Erase Data on iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4

by Edwin Liu | February 22, 2014 10:58 AM
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There are many reasons for one to decide not to use his old iPhone. For instance, if you are an Apple fan, you may want to sell your old iPhone and buy the released new generation to see what’s new on it, or you would like to use other non-iOS devices like Android or Windows phone and give your old iPhone to relatives… Whatever your reason is, there is one thing you should pay much attention to before tragedy happens. That is the risk of your privacy exposure. The iPhone contains your pictures, contacts, call history, videos, or other private files. You never know what they will do to your iPhone when it is on others’ hand. So you need to remove data from iPhone before selling it or giving it away to others.

However, deleting iPhone data is not as easy as many people think it is: manually delete all files on iPhone, format iPhone, factory reset iPhone, etc. These methods are not enough, because with some data recovery software, your previous eliminated iPhone data will easily be recovered. So you need to use other more secure ways to completely erase personal files on iPhone. Apple provides iOS users with one method to erase all content and settings on iOS devices. Here is how: Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> press Erase All Content and Settings. Then the data on your iPhone will be wholly erased. This method seems safer but it is not safer enough, as it uses the hardware encryption technology to encrypt data on the device, not really delete them. Then a few powerful tools still can recover them.

Then you may ask: what’s the best and safest way to wipe the whole content on your iPhone? Here you’ll need the professional Wondershare SaferEraser. This program has the ability to permanently delete all personal information from iPhone by adopting US Military spec over-writing technology DOD 5220-22M. Then all data becomes totally unrecoverable but the OS and the jailbreak if have remains intact. Besides, this software can also be used on iPad and iPod to remove data on them. So just download it and try.

Now following the easy-to-use guide below to clean up data on iPhone:

Note: Before start clean iPhone data, you need to back up the important files first. Otherwise, you cannot get them back any longer.

Step1. Download Wondershare SaferEraser from here. And install and open it on your computer. After connecting your iPhone to the computer, this software will automatically detect the device.

Step 2. There are two options for you to choose: ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVIC E and ERASE DELETED FILES. Select the first option. The second option is currently not available.

Step 3. Now 3 levels are provided to wipe overall data on iPhone. The default and recommended one is Medium level. This level can overwrite the device with junk files to guarantee the previous data is not recoverable and no one even knows you’ve erased the phone. You also can select Low Level and High Level if you prefer. Low Level will overwrite all data with zeros. High Level will wipe and overwrite iPhone for three times. This is of Mil-spec DOD 5220 – 22 M standard, but will take a little longer time. After selecting erase level, simply click Start button to start the process.

Step 4. Wait for some time until it is done. Then you just set up your iPhone as new and you can resell, donate, and give away your iPhone without worrying about your privacy spread.

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