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How to Delete All Data from iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 1

by Edwin Liu | February 22, 2014 10:58 AM
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Hello, I want to erase data (SMS messages, contacts, pictures, voice memos, etc.) permanently from iPad 2, because I just purchased an iPad mini 2 and I want to sell my old iPad 2 on ebay. However, I am worried about my privacy information will be exposed to others, because I tried some data recovery tool and my previous deleted data on iPad was unbelievably recovered. So, can somebody recommend me any methods to remove everything from my iPad 2 without restoring? Please help me! --- Johnson

It is obvious that electronic devices are updated very soon in recent years and when new devices are released, many of us would like to replace the old one with a new one. This is especially true for those Apple fans. As we know that Apple just released its new products iPad mini with retina display and iPad Air in November, 2013. I think many of you may already have got the new released iPad as Christmas gift or New Year gift. Then what will you do about your old iPad if you have one? You may resell it on eBay like Jonson, give it away to other family member, or donate it to charity, etc. But before doing so, you must think of erasing all data from your iPad, if you don’t want to let your personal info be known by others. But problem is how to completely wipe all files on iPad?

There are many methods for you to delete files on your iPad, but many of such methods can’t really delete everything:

First : If you just manually delete the items one by one with the Delete option on your iPad, you should notice, the deleted files are just remarked as delete. If it is not be written over by some new data, those files can easily be recovered by some data recovery software.

Second: If you use the Apple provided method: tap Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase all Content and Settings, the data will be encrypted by using the hardware encryption technology. Although the encryption key will be removed in this process, some power and special programs can also decrypt it and recover the erased data.

Third: Someone may try to clear up iPad by restoring iPad or resetting iPad to Factory Default Settings. However, such deleted content can be successfully retrieved by some tools like this iOS data recovery software.

So now back to the question asked at the beginning: How to remove all data from iPad without restoring? Wondershare SaferEraser can do this. This program uses US Military spec over-writing technology to erase all content from your iPad including video, music, settings, messages, photos, call history, etc. and make the deleted files not recoverable. Besides, you also can use it to erase other iDevices like iPhone and iPod. Also it is very easy to use. No special skills are required. So why not download this SaferErase to clean data from iPad in a safest way?

For step-by-step tutorial, you can refer to this article: How to Completely Erase Data on iPhone? The steps are the same.

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