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How to Easily Fix a Hard Drive with Bad Sectors on it

by Edwin Liu | November 22, 2013 16:55 PM
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Bad sectors on a hard disk can lead to terrible results. For example, opening a program takes a long time; can’t open a file; data losses happen; computer can’t be started; wired chugging noise occurs on your computer… there are two types of bad sectors: logical bad sectors and physical bad sectors. Physical bad sectors can be divided into physical bad sectors of magnetic error on hard disk surface and physical bad sectors badly damaged like crashed. Then how to fix bad sectors of such kinds? 

For those logical bad sectors, you can use the Windows built-in tool to scan and fix the bad sectors. You can open Computer (or My Computer in XP) and right-click on a drive letter. Then go to Properties -> Tools tab -> Check Now -> “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” and then click Start button to start detecting and repairing the logical bad sectors. As to the badly damaged hard drive with physical bad sectors, it’s time for you to buy a new one to replace it because there is no way to fix them. But for those of magnetic failure, you, however, have a big chance to repair such bad sectors. But you should get a tool called Abstradrome HDD Regenerator.

This HDD Regenerator is an awesome hard disk repair software, which uses an advanced algorithm named Hysteresis loops generator to fix the physical bad sectors on hard disk surface. This software can successfully detect the bad sectors and then will fix them without data losses and make the unreadable data become readable. It can work with any file systems like FAT, NTFS, ext4, etc. Also it can repair the delays on hard drive.

Now follow the guide below to fix the bad sectors in hard disk with HDD Regenerator:

Tip: You should back up the data on the hard drive before starting the bad sector repair process to prevent any data loss happening.

Step1. Free download HDD Regenerator from here. Install and drive it on your computer.

Step2. As far as the data security is concerned, it is highly recommended that you create a bootable USB Flash drive or a bootable CD/DVD. And fix the bad sectors from the bootable flash drive or a bootable CD/DVD. Then how to create a bootable USB flash drive?

First, plug the USB flash drive into the computer and then click Bootable USB Flash on the interface, select the USB drive, click Reset Flash Size. At this moment, a prompt will pop up and say all data will be destroyed, click OK. Then come to the previous windows and again click OK. Done. Creating a bootable CD/DVD is similar to this step.

Step3. Restart the computer with the USB connected to it. Then the process will start from the bootable USB flash. Select the hard drive with bad sectors and then hit on Start Process button.

Step4. A new window like below will show, and simply press “2” on your keyboard and press Enter key to start the normal scan process.

Step5. After the normal scan, this software will let you choose next operation on hard disk. Key in “1” Scan and repair option and press Enter.

Step6. To perform an entire scan and repair on hard drive, you can type “1” Start Sector 0 option and press Enter. If you choose Scan, but do not repair in the last step and have found the bad sectors in which sectors, you can key in “3” to set star and end sectors manually to save time.

Step7. Finally, the bad sector repair process begins and you just need to wait patiently. The more bad sectors exist, the longer time will be taken to fix them.


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