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How to Make a Tilt-Shift Video

by Edwin Liu | October 7, 2013 9:06 AM
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"For my work requirements, I need to make a tilt-shift video now. Some others told me that I can record one with a tilt-shift lens. But that’s too expensive and I can’t afford it. So now I want to ask whether have any video editor can add tilt-shift effect to videos easily and fast?"

To solve this problem, it’s necessary to learn more about Tilt-Shift first. Tilt-Shift is a photography technology with which you can create images with a very shallow depth of field, making the image in focus appear miniature. This effect always applies in the videos or images which are taken from far distance to give you a birds-eye-view perspective. So if you want to create an illusion of miniaturization, to make the video seems as if it is shooting a model set not a real world, you can apply this great tilt-shift effect.

In general, tilt-shift effects can be produced by expensive equipments such as medium or large format analog cameras and expensive DSLR lenses, and Tilt-Shift video editors. The former one always costs you lots of money and needs more professional skills. So today I will introduce the latter method, with Tilt-Shift video editors. In order to fully meet the easy and fast requirements mentioned in the above question, here Wondershare Video Editor are highly recommended to you. It is a great video edit software with plenty functions which can fulfill both your basic and advanced editing demands with very easy and fast operation steps.

Now you can just do as the following steps to start applying tilt-shift effect to your videos.

  1. Free download Wondershare Video Editor in your PC. Then install and run it.
  2. Import pictures or videos by clicking Import button or drag them to the Media library. Then drag and drop them to the Video Timeline.
  3. Right click the video or picture on which you would like to apply Tilt-shift effect, and select “Power Tool” option. Or you can directly click the Power Tool button to enter next interface.
  4. On the right part of the Power Tool interface, you will see some advanced features including Tilt-shift, Mosaic, Face off and Jump out at beats. Now tick off the Apply Tilt-Shift to the clip check box, then a focal area appears in the image. You are allowed to adjust the size of focal area by dragging the yellow line and adjust the tilt direction by controlling the outside blue circle between the two yellow lines. When all the adjustments finished, just click OK button.
  5. After applying Tilt-shift effect, click on the Create icon to save your edited videos or pictures. Here you can choose proper output formats for your files or directly share them on YouTube, Facebook. Then click on the Create button, it will finished in only several minutes!