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IPhone 6 cannot be detected by iTunes? DIY ways to fix it with Ease

by Edwin Liu | April 17, 2015 15:48 PM
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Just like a U disk cannot be detected by computer, our iPhone 6 occasionally also cannot be detected by iTunes. For example, when we connected our iPhone 6 (it's the same with iPhone6/5s/5...) to computer to sync favorite songs, movies or pictures from iTunes, sometimes, for reasons unclear, we discovered that the iTunes on our computer seems do not realize the access of iPhone 6. Here I list some DIY ways to solve this issue and let you have a clear understand of why this happens. Follow me, I won’t let you down!

Firstly, several ways to fix the problem that iPhone 6 cannot be detected by computer.

1: As Apple iPhone 6 has a safety monitoring mechanism, remember to select “Trust” option when we connect the iPhone 6 with computer.
2: Try to connect iPhone 6 and computer via another USB port on the computer case. If you have several computer, try another computer simply.

3: If it still doesn’t work, please change the data line of iPhone 6.

Secondly, if your iPhone 6 can be connected with computer successfully but not for iTunes, follow following ways to fix the problem that iPhone 6 cannot be detected by iTunes.

1: Upgrade iTunes program to the newest version and try again. (Make sure your USB port is 2.0)

2: Sometimes low battery of iPhone 6 can be the culprit, charge your iPhone first and try again.

3: Sometime the procedure conflict of iPhone 6 or computer cause iPhone cannot be detected by iTunes. Restart your iPhone 6 and Reboot your computer to have a try!

4: Conflict with third party software. For example, some party software or virus can prevent iTunes realizing the access of iPhone 6. Use antivirus software to kill the virus and try MSCONFIG, which is specially used to troubleshoot the conflicting software.